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What is the price an organization pays as a result of guessing at trunk circuit or bandwidth requirements? Without accurate usage-based metrics, speculation may result in too many or too few trunk circuits, which will have a negative impact on business. Purchasing too much or too little bandwidth, ultimately affects the organization’s bottom line.

A traffic analysis based on call details produced by telephone system(s) provides actual call traffic reports to identify peak hours and carrier-independent traffic patterns. This supplies an organization with metrics to right-size trunk resources, and ensuring that the desired grade of service is achieved and maintained.

Not every company can justify funding for a perpetual Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting solution. Because of that, Infortel Select Traffic Analysis is available through limited-term service engagements. This allows any company to accurately assess circuit and bandwidth requirements whenever needed.

The Metrics you Require, the Flexibility you Desire

Infortel® Select Traffic Analysis is a hosted and fully managed voice network usage analysis service. It is a consultative engagement where, during a discovery phase, an ISI professional works with the organization to establish specific project objectives based on current and future business needs. ISI configures the system and identifies the necessary reports to produce the required metrics. Once the reports are analyzed, an ISI professional works with the customer to review the results and advise how to leverage the results to positively impact business.

Since the Software-as-a-Service approach requires no on-site software installation, data collection is typically initiated within days, and reports can be available in as little as a month. Additionally, customers have access to the reporting interface at all times during the engagement.

Results provide a carrier and platform agnostic assessment of current voice network usage, peak hours and traffic patterns for optimization, bandwidth calculation, network planning, and calculation of potential savings to be gained from anticipated changes in call routing, trunking and network infrastructure.

Key Differentiators

Where other traffic analysis services fall short, ISI excels. Major differentiating factors include:

icon-resellerProject-Specific Report Configuration

icon-resellerConsolidated Reporting on Legacy PBX & VoIP Systems

icon-resellerAccess to Reports On-Demand

icon-resellerAnalysis Performed by ISI's Experienced Professionals

icon-resellerConsolidated Reporting on all Carriers and Trunk Types

icon-resellerNear Real-Time Collection and Reprocessing of Data

icon-resellerRecommendations Delivered in a Consultative Manner

icon-resellerWhat-If Scenario Analysis

icon-resellerEmbedded Call Rating Analysis

Metrics that Matter

Eliminating assumptions that undermine accuracy makes ROI calculations more meaningful. Metrics from Infortel Select Traffic Analysis can be leveraged to address various business needs, some of which include:

  • Calculating savings to justify VoIP telephony and SIP trunk conversions
  • Determining peak concurrent calls and bandwidth to right-size SIP trunks
  • Calculating savings and bandwidth requirements for implementation of tail-end hop-off
  • Calculating savings and bandwidth requirements to move interoffice calls off PSTN circuits
  • Optimization of current carrier facilities based upon actual usage
  • Assessing least cost routing effectiveness and potential savings

Offering Options

ISI offers Infortel Select Traffic Analysis at various term lengths. This provides a company with the flexibility to enter into an engagement based on either short-term or long-term needs. Whether an organization requires a glance at network performance, an accurate depiction of network ebbs and flows, or precise metrics through annual traffic patterns, ISI delivers the results—in the time-frame needed

Dedicated Staff

ISI assigns an experienced telecom analyst who oversees every aspect of the process, and works hand-in-hand with the customer in a consultative manner. This partnership minimizes the burden on the organization’s staff, and leverages the experience and knowledge of ISI’s team to ensure that the customer’s objectives are met.

Report Deliverables

ISI analyzes the objectives and supplies reports based on the customer’s expressed needs. Once the data is available, our experts provide guidance on using the reports and consult on the findings.

During the service engagement, ISI will utilize various reports from its extensive library, or create custom ones to meet the customer’s objectives. Some examples of reports used in a typical traffic analysis engagement include:

  • Identifies peak hours, calculates percent utilization and determines the number of circuits needed to maintain a desired grade of services.
    trunk traffic analysis
  • Takes the guesswork out of right-sizing for IP trunks by determining Peak Concurrent Calls (CCP) for current or planned call routing.
    peak concurrent calls
  • A breakdown of call activity within each trunk group by call type, with count, duration, costs and averages.
    usage by tunk facility
  • Analysis of selected call types to be re-routed after proposed voice network changes – provides call counts, minutes and cost savings.
    network reconfiguration

Recommendations will be made relevant to the project’s original objectives to ensure that the objectives for the project have been met. All this is part of standard deliverables.

Get Started

Infortel Select Traffic Analysis is the only service available to help your organization understand network bandwidth on a short-term engagement. To learn more about this service, and how it can optimize network capacity and lower telecom costs, contact us today.
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