CDR Reporting and Call Accounting

Infortel Select allows you to collect, standardize, and enhance call detail records through a single, user-friendly, customizable application.

Compliance reporting

Organizations subject to communications compliance regulations as well as those that simply wish to have visibility into corporate call history will enjoy a fast and user friendly interface to make easy work of searching, documenting and sharing communications events.

Quality of Service reporting

VoIP brings with it the need and opportunity to manage voice quality. Infortel Select associates QoS metrics like latency, jitter, packet loss, mean opinion score and severely concealed seconds with each call event to provide analysis and aid in troubleshooting of poor quality calls.

Chargeback & Cost Allocation

Infortel Select includes a robust call rating engine and a variety of organizationally based chargeback reports supporting both variable usage expenses, recurring fixed equipment charges and service fees for organizations wishing to allocate telecom expenses back to the responsible departments, or charge tenants for use of telephony resources.

Technology Adoption

Infortel Select  provides visibility into device usage by associating device type and modality with call events to facilitate trend analysis and track adoption across the network.

Cost Reduction

Infortel Select allows companies to cut operating expenses and avoid unnecessary investment by providing reports and metrics that inform oversight and management of telephony expenses.

Detect Abuse & Misuse

When organizations are concerned about inappropriate use of corporate telecom facilities and potential fraud, Infortel Select supports employee level tracking of usage thresholds for acceptable use and definable triggers to alert designated recipients of excessive or unusual activity. 

Employee Productivity

Get a constant read on employee activity, workload and coachable metrics to measure and continually take your sales, customer service and help desk staff to the next level.