Work from Home – The New Norm

Better manage UC for your remote workforce

Recent events have forced many organizations to rapidly deploy or expand unified communications support for work-from-home employees. Find out how a robust UC analytics and reporting tool can help you meet these new challenges:

  • Visibility into Employee Productivity
  • Ensure adequate resources are available to handle new traffic patterns
  • Identify and troubleshoot poor Quality of Service

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Agent and Queue Metrics

No device-level analytics

  • Soft-phone adoption rate metrics
  • Device-level call tracking and reporting
  • Roll-up to employee and department
  • Identify unused/underused devices

Consolidated Reporting

Limited trunk utilization and traffic stats

  • Reveal traffic compounded by call forwarding
  • Visibility into conventional & SIP trunk utilization
  • Peak Concurrent Calls on demand
  • Break reliance on carrier-provided benchmarks

Robust Historical Reporting

Frustrated with native Contact Center reporting

  • Cisco CC & CUCM on a single pane-of-glass
  • Real-time Dashboard for remote Agents and Supervisors
  • Flexible and easy-to-use report customization
  • Alerts on missed Service Levels

Limited Hunt Group Reporting

Limited Hunt Group reporting

  • Call counts and Service Level by group
  • Real-time Native Call Queuing stats
  • Real-time Agent status

Call visibility

Poor visibility into caller experience

  • Cradle to Grave call tracking
  • Sequential call segment presentation
  • Optimize call routing
  • Coachable moments for Agent development

Agent and Queue Metrics

No Quality of Service reporting

  • Reveal QoS associated with each call event
  • Analysis by exception, location and trends
  • Troubleshoot poor call quality

Quality of Service

Need better trend analysis tools

  • Stop importing CDR into Excel to analyze
  • Establish new norm baseline and trends
  • Validate progress as procedures improve
  • Benchmarks for better staff scheduling

Cloud Ready

Pressure to do more on a limited budget

  • Cloud ready solution – more bang for your buck
  • Secure & resilient Azure hosted environment
  • Managed care for less than doing it yourself
  • SSO & Automatic software updates

Challenges to effective UC Management with a Distributed Workforce

Regain Control, Ensure Efficiency and Improve Productivity

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Compliment Your Analytics with These Powerful Tools

Workforce Management

  • Plan, forecast and schedule with confidence
  • Maximize capacity
  • Achieve service goals
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase revenue

Automated Quality Management

  • Replace outdated manual process
  • Consistent evaluation program
  • Deeper insight into caller experience
  • More effective compliance risk management

Speech Analytics

  • Automated speech to text
  • Automatically identify problems & trends
  • Reveal root cause
  • Better understanding of customer interactions

UC Provisioning

  • Automated multi-platform MACD
  • Connectors to AD, HR, ITSM & IMS
  • Integrated phone number inventory
  • Full change audit trail

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