Voice & Video Utilization Metrics

Right-sizing trunk facilities, evaluating carrier offerings and optimization of call routing are challenging exercises without concise Traffic Analysis. Infortel Select provides the tools necessary to assess utilization, calculate Peak Concurrent Calls and break down activity to facilitate effective call routing and carrier shopping.

Trunk utilization

A variety of on-demand and scheduled reports provide universal visibility into current and historic trunk utilization for all gateways, carriers and individual circuits - without limitation or delay inherent with carrier-provided traffic reports.

Peak concurrent calls

When migrating to or managing SIP trunk facilities, Peak Concurrent Call metrics are the key to right-sizing. Infortel Select identifies historic moments of maximum call concurrency on existing trunk facilities or proposed configurations. We’ll help take the guesswork out of purchasing appropriate CCP bandwidth.

Voice Network Optimization

Metrics on typical call types and volumes by time of day allow organizations to optimize call routing plans to best utilize least expensive route choices, leverage available pooled minutes and minimize overflow to more expensive routes. Infortel Select provides this visibility coupled with accurate call rating to measure and anticipate dollar impact of call routing choices.

Informed Carrier Shopping

Unified Communications allow communications via softphone applications on the desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices, and may incorporate video and IM chat sessions as an alternative to voice calls. Infortel Select tracks device and modality utilization, facilitating corporate analysis of trends, adoption and progress on technology migration initiatives.

Informed Carrier Shopping