Rate Tables

What’s in a name? ISI-produced “Rate Tables” are synonymous with Jurisdiction Tables or with Tariff Tables

Rate Tables are used by ISI call accounting/reporting applications to provide significant benefits to our customers. Click on each of the benefits listed below to read how ISI’s rate tables (and subscription service) can benefit your organization: (Click to expand)

Accurate Call Jurisdiction

The primary function of a rate table is determination of the jurisdiction of each call, based upon the point of origin, dialed number and current local carrier tariffs. Since call rating is based upon jurisdiction (Local, Extended Local, IntraLata, Intrastate, Interstate, International and dozens of other combinations), failure to assign accurate jurisdiction to a call will result in inaccurate reporting of call cost. ISI-provided rate tables are built for your actual point of origin and updated regularly to reflect the most current tariff information. This ensures proper jurisdiction on every call and accurate call rating whether rates are based upon standard carrier tariffs, discounted plans, flat rates or your own custom call pricing scheme, even if you decide to zero-rate all calls. Accurate call jurisdiction (and rating, if applicable) is important in IP telephony deployments where Tail End Hop Off is utilized and is important when determining whether employees are performing as expected. Is there unnecessary long-distance calling or International calling? ISI’s alarms can be triggered to alert a manager to usage patterns based on the call type (jurisdiction) of calls.

Call Destination

Rate tables also enable resolution of a dialed number to the actual city, state or country of destination. Management of call activity, traffic analysis and detection of abuse, misuse or fraud are all more effective when correct call destination is available on reports

Country Codes

As international call rating is typically based upon country specific rates, it is necessary for the call accounting system to have current information on the over 200 country codes. ISI-provided rate tables reflect the most current information on valid country codes to ensure the system properly identifies, rates and reports international calls to their actual destination. ISI’s rate tables also identify international mobile terminations.

Area Codes

Hundreds of new area codes have been implemented in the North American Numbering Plan within the last few years. Without rate tables accounting for the new area codes, your call accounting system will not identify calls to these new areas or be able to properly resolve area code splits that are common in major US metropolitan areas.

Local Exchanges

Throughout the U.S., thousands of local exchanges are added every year. Updated rate tables will identify those exchanges, apply rules to determine proper jurisdiction and ensure accurate calculation of call cost.

Tariff-Based Call Costing

When rating of calls is to be based upon a carrier’s standard published tariff, ISI rate tables automatically load these rates into the Infortel Select application. This is the easiest and most accurate way to maintain tariff based rating. Tariff rates typically employ attributes such as V&H coordinate tables, time-of-day and day-of-week conditions, various initial and additional period combinations and rounding rules that require significant effort to document, understand and replicate through manual user-defined methods. If desired call rating is to be based upon a discount or mark-up of carrier tariffs, rate tables provide the base rate to which the percentage mark-up or discount is applied and automatically adjust that base rate as tariffs change. ISI supports rate tables for US and non-US carriers and hundreds of standard published tariffs.

Flat, Postalized or Negotiated Rates

We often are asked the question “Why do I need a rate table if I am going to define my own custom, flat or postalized rates?” As discussed earlier, a rate table’s primary function is determining call jurisdiction and resolution of call destination, both of which are necessary prerequisites to the application of any type of rate plan. All flat, postalized and negotiated rate plans are based upon call types that are derived from call jurisdiction. Without such information, accurate call rating cannot be accomplished.

Without updated rate tables, call jurisdiction, destination and cost may not be accurate, resulting in incorrect or incomplete reporting. Rate table subscriptions are a great investment to ensure accurate, up-to-date call accounting/reporting information. Without proper rate tables and a subscription service providing regular updates, you’re not realizing the full benefit of your call accounting system.

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