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ISI is proud of its reputation in the marketplace for providing excellent service to its customers. ISI maintains a high level of quality in our products, services and customer service!

Who do you call when you need help with your ISI system?

ISI’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC)!

ISI provides support to our customers from our TAC from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time, Monday – Friday (excluding ISI-recognized holidays) under the terms of our Software Support Agreement. ISI also offers agreements to provide support to customers who require support availability on a 24 hour x 7 day basis. ISI wants initiating a request for technical assistance to be as easy as possible and to be in a method which suits each customer’s needs.

ISI prides itself in staffing our US-based TAC with dedicated employees. These technicians are proficient in Windows Operating Systems, networking functions and CDR implementations across a wide gamut of PBX/VoIP systems, specifically as all of these interact with our Infortel product lines. The technicians are available to assist with both routine and complex questions and our employees work with our customers until the customer agrees the problem/question is resolved/answered.

Many service tickets are resolved through remote diagnostic routines, which allow our technicians to access not only the Infortel software application, but also other ISI-provided equipment, such as buffer boxes. With an Equipment Maintenance Agreement, problems which require replacement parts are sent to the customer in an “Advanced Depot” method – ISI sends the replacement prior to receiving the broken part, usually within 24 hours. ISI also offers the availability of onsite service should a customer find a need.

To learn more about ISI's solutions, please visit our Solutions Overview.

Please click Open a Service for multiple methods of contacting ISI's TAc to initiate a service request.
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