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Why Workforce Optimization

On average, 67-75% of the cost to run a contact center goes to agents and supervisors. Labor cost represents the greatest opportunity for contact centers to save money. Workforce Optimization is the best solution to realize the potential savings.

Whether you have a 20-agent call center, or thousands of agents in a multi-site complex, Workforce Optimization provides a solution that custom fits your needs.

Coupling the most advanced technology with the easiest user interface, Workforce Optimization delivers flexible software that maximizes productivity, while lowering administrative costs. Users gain a web-based solution accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Key Differentiators

A key to providing quality customer care in a dynamic and changing business environment is the ability to schedule the right number of people at the right time and optimize their performance for an improved customer experience. Several factors allow Workforce Optimization to provide unique advantages to an organization:

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  • Unique eCoaching
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  • Innovative Gamification
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  • Compliant with all major UC platforms
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  • On-the-fly schedule optimization
    for WFM
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  • Complete WFO Solution
    “one stop shopping”
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  • All-inclusive licensing with
    unlimited access

Workforce Management

Balance customer service and the need for low operational costs with a workforce management solution that:

  • Includes contact history and creates staff forecasts by hour, day, week, month, etc.
  • Creates schedules to match customer defined service level objectives.
  • Communicates schedules to agents.
  • Reports agent adherence to schedules.

Call and Desktop Recording

Record all interactions to attain a complete understanding of communications.

  • Includes compliance computer telephony (CT) integration with all the major communication platforms.
  • Has built-in compliance tools for PCI and HIPAA.
  • Records all desktop activity, delivering a 360° view of interactions with customers.
  • Records non-voice communication such as email and chat.

Mobile Live Monitor

As an added bonus to recording all interactions, Live Monitor provides supervisors with the ability to monitor the contact center in real time from anywhere using their smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Turn unstructured, unsearchable voice communications into structured, searchable data. Analytics includes tools to find recordings based upon:

  • Call data such as ACD queue, hold times, and related calls.
  • Post Contact Survey results.
  • Desktop data fields such as customer or patient identifier, and call results.
  • Speech Analytics results including critical statements that indicate dissatisified customers or missing compliance disclosures.

Quality Management

Evaluate interactions to improve performance in the contact center. Quality Management includes:

  • Best practice evaluation templates and flexible evaluation form builder to measure agent performance.
  • eCoaching assignments automatically sent to agents when evaluation scores are unsatisfactory.
  • Built-in eLearning linked to eCoaching assignments help agents improve in key performance areas.
  • Ability to assign quizzes to measure agent comprehension and eLearning effectiveness.
  • View impact of eLearning assignments on performance.

Reports and Dashboard

Reporting helps to continuously optimize processes and provide pertinent feedback to other business units. Reports and dashboards include:

  • Analysis of performance and customer satisfaction trends.
  • Reports available on demand or scheduled for delivery to a variety of stakeholders on a regular basis.
  • Dashboards offer real-time views of KPIs and trends.
  • Reports generated ad hoc via user-defined criteria.
  • User-specified report templates.


Gamification automates the creation and management of performance-based contests and rewards. Contests include:

  • Automation of everything from setup and administration to reward redemption.
  • Recognition of top performing agents via leaderboard standings.
  • Earn points and redeem rewards.

Deployment Methods

Workforce Optimization is available in two different deployment options, thereby allowing optimal flexibility.


This subscription service is delivered via the Internet, and can be implemented in as little as one week. Data is maintained on a secure server, and users can access and manage contact data at any time, from anywhere.


This solution is designed for organizations that want total control while still having complete flexibility. The system is installed on a private corporate network.

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Workforce Optimization is available to help your organization reduce contact center costs while maximizing agent proficiency. Contact us now to find out more!
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