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Video Announcements

Video communications is getting more and more important, especially with the Youtube generation entering the workforce.

How to use video?

Take the following two scenarios:

  • A manager of a large company wants to address the organization with a video message
  • Management wants to publish a conference or a speech on the intranet

In both cases, they have two alternatives:

  • Get help from a professional video production company
  • Use their own existing, high quality video conferencing or telepresence equipment to simply record the message

The Verint Verba Recording System will help with this latter option. Just call your Verint Verba system from your conference equipment.

Produce and deliver with Verint Verba

For effective and simple video announcements use the Verint Verba Recording System, that:

  • Supports all Cisco voice, video and telepresence endpoints
  • Supports SIP video
  • Supports Microsoft streaming
  • Allows viewing on PC, Mac, smart phone, slate device etc.
  • Requires no special equipment to buy, protects investment
  • Enables live streaming from video conference devices

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