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Quality Assurance

  • Do you know if your new operators mention the up-selling options?
  • Could you train your operators using real life best practice call material?
  • How much information is lost in your front office in a regular customer complaint?
  • Did your operator really say what the customer claims?
  • Can you record only one side of a call to protect customer privacy?

Quality management process for contact centers

With hundreds of thousands of new call center seats being added every year around the world, the call center industry is growing with no sign of slowdown. As call centers and call center projects get larger, maintaining high quality customer communications becomes a challenge.

Quality recording and agent evaulation

With Verint Verba Recording System you will find technical solutions that will allow you to replay calls for evaluation and see the screen of your operator to analyze how your software tools were used during the call. Call and screen analysis closes the quality loop in your call center, allowing you to plan more effective operator training and design more optimal resource allocation.

The Verint Verba solution for Quality Assurance

The Verint Verba Recording System can record a sample of all calls in a contact center and let supervisors manually go through calls and review service quality. Using feedback from call recording you can greatly improve the quality in your operations.

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