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Dispute Resolution with Call Recording

Spoken words cannot be proven unless recorded. Call recording can provide proof for telesales team, traders and for many other professions.

Effective dispute resolution process with call recording

Recording calls in the service sector can drastically reduce costs, when a service call is handled by multiple layers of operators and experts in your organization. We have met the market demand to integrate our recording solution with CRM and ticketing systems. Our SAP and Peregrine integration make it possible for our customers to have the recorded calls attached to the cases in their systems, for future reference.

Resolving disputes of verbal contracts

Documenting your verbal customer contacts will allow you to search for spoken words in your call database, and enabling you to voice-mine your massive collection of recorded calls to draw important market information from your customer relations. Your voice contracts should always be available for immediate retrieval even if your team is doing thousands of voice contracts weekly or daily.

The Verint Verba solution for resolving disputes

Verint Verba can record all calls silently or record only the agreement part of a call and store it with e.g. customer IDs connected to other business systems. This way the solution can help you execute your dispute resolution policies based on facts.

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