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ISI & Verint Verba Partner on a Combined Collaboration Solution For Call & Video Recording

ISI Telemanagement Solutions and Verint Verba Technologies have formed a partnership to leverage each other's capabilities in order to offer the only solution in the Unified Communications (UC) market that combines the robust reporting, alarming, and search capabilities of a Call Accounting & Reporting system with the dynamic call archiving and playback functions of a Collaboration Recording Solution

Record Every Element of Real-time Communications

This full suite of solutions allows users to record not only voice calls, but also video from desktop phones, right through to telepresence rooms, along with support for mobile endpoints including:

We call this unique approach Collaboration Recording.

A Game Changing Solution

Collaboration Recording takes an innovative approach to call recording and quality management by offering more features, better technology, and a lower price point. This comes with the ability to record all media in a single, unified system that is user friendly and accessible from anywhere.

verba technologies

Providing a true unified recording solution by capturing voice, video, instant messages, and telepresence calls is ideal for contact centers (customer service, telemarketing, telesales), energy and utility companies, financial services providers (banking, credit card operations, trading floors), government agencies, healthcare organizations, law firms, market research companies, media organizations, security providers, and small businesses.

The Call and Video Recording Advantage

Companies can leverage Voice and Video Recording in key business applications such as legal compliance management, quality assurance, risk mitigation, verbal agreement archiving, best-practice training, centralized dictation, conference recording, dispute resolution, and interview recording.

Video Compliance Recording

The system fulfills the most stringent legal and regulatory compliance requirements since users can be prevented from initiating or terminating recordings. This enables video to be deployed in the finance, insurance, healthcare, and security markets.

In addition to video recording, Verint Verba and ISI provide voice recording and contact center quality management solutions for government, enterprise, and commercial organizations. Our solution offers a unified and easy-to-use system with all media types stored in a highly-scalable repository, providing customizable access control and auditing through a secure web interface. Through the use of ISI's powerful analytics and reporting software, users are able to sort through massive archives of recorded voice and video calls quickly and efficiently.

Unified Recording

  • Supports a variety of unified communication and contact center system vendors, including Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, BroadSoft, and others
  • Provides always-on compliance recording, as well as selective and on-demand recording modes
  • Offers various recording methods, such as dial-in recording, passive recording, and RTP forking
  • Presents a unified approach for voice, video, telepresence, IM, and agent’s computer screen
  • Delivers powerful deployment models, including centralized recording and multi-site/branch office architectures
  • Complete performance and quality management solution for contact centers to evaluate, score, and monitor agents
  • Simplified, yet feature rich web-based user interface that is accessible from anywhere, at any time
  • Quick and easy tools allow users to search and list recordings using any met-data information
  • Media recorded with ISI can be shared across the enterprise using the built-in Publishing Server
  • No desktop client installation required

Enhanced Security

  • Multi-level access control enables companies to define who can access what, and what actions they can take with full audit trail and change log history.
  • Recorded call protection and access control.
  • Segregation of roles and responsibilities for administration and business users.
  • Single-sign-on support.
  • Based on open industry standards including AES, HTTPS and SSL/TLS.

Enterprise-IT-friendly capabilities

  • Optimized libraries powered by Intel offer unmatched performance.
  • A software-based solution designed to support modern IT infrastructures and architectures that use common and standard hardware solutions and server virtualization.
  • Enterprise monitoring module sends configurable alerts through email and standard SNMP.
  • Recorded data management provides a sophisticated storage policy framework that allows companies to define rules for data retention and control the recorded data lifecycle.
  • Seamless integration with SAN-based storage solutions for online operation and archive.

Full Integration with ISI's Call Accounting and Reporting Solution.

Analyzing your usage while recording calls gives you the ability to monitor your spend. On top of that, by examining these call recordings, you can more effectively increase productivity by catering training on a more personal level.

This solution, which combines features such as reporting, alarming, and advanced search capabilities with call archiving and playback, is an invaluable tool for growing your business. These solutions are designed with you in mind, and are all accessible at the press of a button.

Also included is the ability to utilize single sign-on. Users will take part in a seamless experience geared toward streamlining call information, while department heads will have direct access to recordings for training purposes. The goal is to provide you with more options and an easier way to utilize them.

  • Single sign-on system
  • Access to comprehensive/specific
    client information
  • Enhanced search functions
  • Quick access to call recordings

To learn more about ISI's Call Accounting and Reporting Solution please click here.

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