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What is Speech Analytics?

Recording voice, video, and instant message interactions is the first step toward improving agent productivity and customer satisfaction, as well as ensuring compliance. Speech Analytics redefines this approach, and takes organizations one-step closer toward total business intelligence.

Specifically, Speech Analytics allows you to uncover vital customer information buried in the recordings of your voice communications. This unique solution integrates collaboration recording, quality management, and speech analytics into a single unified platform. The result is an unmatched compliance and contact center quality management solution with sophisticated search capabilities for recorded voice and video conversations.


Customer Needs

With Speech Analytics, you can listen to the voice of your customers, uncover customer intentions, and analyze customer sentiments. This saves time and resources. The introduction of Speech Analytics enables supervisors to focus on the right calls, instead of listening to calls with no relevant quality assurance events. Users can search the actual voice content of a call to look for critical keywords mentioned about customer demands, market trends, or competitive insight, while receiving reports detailing specific speech patterns.

Listen to your Customers

Speech Analytics focuses on the ability to search a phrase spoken during an actual customer interaction. This provides a foundation for better understanding of what the customer says, and better training of your agents to meet customer needs. Additional benefits include:

  • Gain deeper insight into all agent/customer interaction
  • Evaluate agent performance and identify training needs
  • Help ensure regulatory and corporate standards compliance
  • Track competitor mentions, sales objections, and customer responses

Logic Driven Word and Phrase Searching

Easily configured, savable search pack queries allow searching on multiple discrete words or phrases with Boolean Operators and user-specified confidence thresholds. Libraries of saved search packs can be readily built to streamline specific processes. 


Measure and Sort  to Maximize Analysis

An overall Confidence Level is assigned to each search pack. This measures the keyword trend over time. For an even more detailed view, each returned keyword instance in the search pack has a Confidence Level of its own, making it relatively easy to sort through the most accurate results.

Visualize Keyword Instances 

The built-in visual player graphically displays the call’s timeline with color-coded word or phrase instances. Double-click a keyword instance to zoom into the call playback’s timeline for easy review.


No Dictionary Required

Phonetic search technology uses the universal audio components of speech to rapidly locate new terms and phrases without requiring dictionary and grammar models.

The phrase search capability of Speech Analytics gives the freedom to supervisors to find relevant information from millions of recordings. There are countless scenarios, where an organization can benefit from Speech Analytics.

Agent Evaluations

  • Proper greetings – Find out if your agents are properly greeting customers
  • Compliance message – Verify that your agents are following legal compliance rules
  • Inappropriate phrases – Spot rude, inappropriate language
  • Agent insecurities – Certain phrases point to situations where the agent needs help
Agent Evaluations


Voice of Customer

  • Customer and product satisfaction – Search phrases that indicate how satisfied the customer is
  • Campaign responses – Find references to ongoing campaigns
  • Competitors’ names – Listen to mentions of your competitors
  • Lower churn – Focus on calls where customers ask for reimbursements and show dissatisfaction

Sales Performance

  • Opportunities for upselling and cross-selling – Find opportunities by searching for customer needs
  • Emerging trends – Build your sales plan around ideas your customers start talking about
  • Identify buying signals – Search for buying signals and train agents when opportunities are missed
  • Sales delivery – Evaluate how your sales team pitch customers and listen to responses

Even the Smallest Grain of Sand

Speech Analytics offers total control with virtually unlimited reporting options. Users move beyond simply monitoring call recordings manually, and can automatically create and track interactions. With this solution, users can:

  • Automatically discover new trends or gain competitive intelligence
  • Increase quality and agent performance for better customer experiences
  • Identify broken processes and barriers to reducing average handle time and better first call resolution
  • Optimize collections and mitigate risk by monitoring procedural adherence
  • Easily track and improve customer satisfaction metrics
  • Identify risks which can lead to a loss of customers or discontinued service
  • Increase sales performance by identifying best practices and measuring offer rates
  • Improve operational processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs

Dashboards and Web-Like Search

A familiar user experience that reduces the learning curve and increases speed-to-results.

  • A fully configurable visual discovery dashboard with drill through to calls
  • Web-like search with auto complete and search builder
  • Paged search results, inline category hits, transcript snippets and playback


Easy Configuration and Customization

Readily tailor dashboards, reports, and other elements to reflect individual business needs.

  • Customize user dashboards, charts, and subscriptions
  • Define and filter conversation sets for dashboards and reports
  • Restrict access to calls through user filters. Integrate metadata with user-friendly names

Prebuilt Reports and Indices 

Beyond the infinitely configurable dashboard charts and reports, Speech Analytics  includes powerful out-of-the-box reports and indices, including:

  • Category and Attribute Correlation
  • Category and Attribute trend analysis
  • Patters Correlation
  • Agent Quality Monitoring
  • Composite Index
  • Index Analysis
  • Index Score by Agent
  • Word Frequency
  • Database Info

Know More Than Ever Before

Speech Analytics lets users easily monitor specific language, inflection, and speech patterns, including:

  • Performance
  • Churn
  • Compliments
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Empathy
  • Escalation
  • Hold language
  • Payment language
  • Politeness
  • Repeat caller
  • Sales language
  • Transfer language
  • Understandability issues

Finally, you can actually hear and act on the voice of your customers.

Simple Interface. Powerful analytics

Three powerful modules operate together—click from the discovery dashboard to search to retrieve calls, use saved searches as filters for the dashboard or reports, subscribe to searches or dashboard charts for delivered reports.

Get Started

Speech Analytics is the only service available to help your organization reduce contact center costs while maximizing agent proficiency and compliance. Contact us now to find out more, or schedule a demo!
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