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What is Call Accounting & Reporting?

Call Accounting and Reporting systems capture Call Detail Records (CDR) from telephone systems to report on telecom usage, telecom costs and employee activity. Infortel® Select, ISI's Call Accounting and Reporting application, supports collection and processing of CDR from all telecom sources (on-premise PBX and VoIP servers, Centrex and other hosted services, local and long distance carriers, conference services and wireless handsets) to facilitate consolidated reporting and analysis of an organization’s entire voice network. Infortel Select’s secure web user interface provides authorized users access to a customizable dashboard, exhaustive menu of pre-defined reports, a custom report designer and an on-demand traffic analysis tool to address any reporting need and allow decision makers to make informed business decisions for their organization.

Call Accounting & Reporting Customer Needs

ISI has been an industry leader in the Call Accounting and Reporting arena for over 30 years. With that much experience, we've learned a great deal about our customers and their needs. Below are some of the most common needs our customers have, as well as ways in which ISI's Call Accounting and Reporting platform solves them.

Benefits Include:(Click to Expand)

Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis helps organizations determine if they are over or under trunked. Utilizing Traffic Analysis reports, an organization can identify their busy hours and how many trunks were used during those busy hours. From these metrics, they can establish the correct number of trunks needed to handle the busy hours at the grade-service they determine.

  • Single tool for analysis of usage across the entire enterprise – platform agnostic, carrier agnostic
  • On demand report access – no waiting for your vendor or carrier to perform a traffic study
  • Conventional, VoIP and SIP support – Busy hour Erlang B and peak concurrent calls methodologies available
  • Gateway and CUBE based traffic metrics – H323
  • User-definable report filters facilitate modeling of new configurations for network planning

Employee Productivity

Infortel® Select includes Business Intelligence reporting that enables organizations to measure and monitor employee productivity. Users can dive into metrics based on hours, days, or weeks, or can review call handling summary reports based on hourly data.

  • Definable threshold criteria to flag exceptional call activity
  • Productivity stats by hour of day
  • Ring time and abandoned rate metrics
  • Ensure desired number of calls per day or per hour
  • Ensure desired call types
  • Monitor for productive call durations
  • Geographic areas – ensure they are calling the right numbers
  • Full call detail to back up summary metrics
  • Obtain a list of Abandoned Cell Phone Numbers to re-contact customers

Abuse and Misuse Detection

If a company is concerned about their employees appropriate use of the telephone, including calling numbers they shouldn’t be calling, users can set customizable alarms within Infortel® Select to provide notification to managers of misuse and abuse of the company telecom system. This is particularly useful in high-traffic support areas where it is imperative that employees are communicating with customers rather than utilizing the phone system for personal use.

  • Unlimited number of user-definable alarm conditions
  • Variety of threshold and alarm criteria to eliminate “noise”:
    • Call Type
    • Dialed Number
    • Trunk Gateway or Trunk Group
    • Time of Day and Day of Week
    • Department or even Individual Person
    • Call Cost or Duration
  • Manager notification by email, text or alpha-numeric pager
  • Dynamic alarm message provides actionable content

Contact Center Metrics

Contact Centers are solely designed to provide customers the ability to interact with a company about its products. Unanswered calls or calls landing in voicemail, are highly problematic and reflect poorly on an organization’s ability to provide useful and meaningful customer service. Infortel® Select offers detailed metrics on answered and abandoned calls, ring-time summaries, and hourly, daily, and monthly statistics, allowing companies to truly gauge their Call Center’s effectiveness and giving them the opportunity to be proactive with their customer service approach.

  • Any user - Contact Center software not required
  • Inbound agent metrics on
    • Answered Calls
    • Abandoned Calls
    • Ring Time to Answer
    • Ring Time to Abandoned
  • Hourly stats indentify peak and problematic hours
  • Reporting by agent and workgroup
  • Customizable dashboard view for department managers
  • Obtain a list of Abandoned Cell Phone Numbers to re-contact customers

Historic Call Archive

With call reporting, organizations can take advantage of not only the ability to report on calls, but they also gain a searchable archive of historic call data. This on-demand access to call history provides a platform to satisfy a number of possible regulatory directives, including HR or litigation research.

  • Search and retrieve months of call detail available on-demand
  • Flexible reporting criteria make fast work of finding what's needed
  • Produce verification of calls made or received to fulfill HR, corporate security, customer service and legal needs

Carrier Bill Reconciliation

In the past, phone bills would be sent to one central location and a team of workers would spend days scrutinizing call records to make sure they were assigned to the right department and free from erroneous charges. This took time, staffing, and an understanding that “room for error” applied to the process. Fortunately, organizations no longer have to devote hours reviewing carrier bills by hand. Infortel® Select allows users to perform Carrier Bill Reconciliation in minutes rather than days, and eliminates the need for extra staff and additional QC. Carrier Bill Reconciliation reports help identify erroneously listed calls, mistimed calls, and calls billed at incorrect rates.

  • Accurate rating of PBX and VoIP server generated call records to reflect both tariff and custom negotiated rate plans
  • Flexible reporting choices facilitate results aligned to selected carrier, circuit(s) and billing cycles
  • Addition of carrier CDR feed facilitates automated matching of carrier to PBX CDR to identify discrepancies at the call detail level
  • Identify carrier billing errors – improper rating, call duration discrepancies, calls not made by your organization
  • Provides documentation to present to your carrier in support of disputes

Cost Allocation

Infortel® Select has a series of reports that can identify which telecom costs should be billed to which franchise, department, or employee. Companies can review Extension Summary and Organizational Detail Reports to review listings of each call made or received by employees and departments, including information identifying dates, times, durations, trunk facilities used, call costs, digits dialed, and destinations. And by analyzing Trunk Summary Reports, companies can adequately manage their trunk facilities, routes, or individual circuits by reviewing the call counts and total and average call duration of both incoming and outgoing calls within user-specified date ranges.

  • True usage-based allocation of call costs back to responsible parties
  • Based upon originating PBX/VoIP extensions and ownership
  • Support for user definable fixed costs, one-time costs and overhead costs to allocate for non-usage expenses
  • Variety of predefined cost center and allocation reports
  • General Ledger interface to automate transmission of Telco charges to accounting

Cost Reduction

At it's core, Infortel® Select focuses on providing a proper reporting engine for the raw data collected from telecom sources that allows companies the opportunity to make proper business decisions in order to save money.

  • Tracking and analysis of telephone usage back to responsible employees and departments will reduce variable usage costs
    • Abuse Reduction
    • Indentify mis-use to coach users to be more efficient
  • Identify unused and under-used extensions
  • Trunk analysis – right-size trunk facilities to eliminate excess
  • Traffic analysis – provides metrics to negotiate on correct services
  • Telecom Profit Optimizer (Audit Services) – identify and eliminate excess, incorrect or unnecessary carrier billing with possible credits on prior months

Tenant Billing

Tenant Billing Reports provide information to enable users to bill call activity back to tenants, contractors, vendors, other users or departments. Tenant Billing Reports are included on three levels: owner level, organization level, and summary.

  • Produce a deliverable telecom bill for tenants, contractors, vendors or guests using your phone system
  • Charge fixed fee for telecom infrastructure:
    • phone equipment, voice mail, modem lines, network access, operator services
  • Charge fees for one-time services:
    • service activation, adds, moves & changes, headsets
  • User-definable inventory and billing methodology
  • Make your telecom department a profit center

Deployment Methods

Infortel Select is offered in two deployment methods - On-premise and as a Hosted/Cloud offering. This allows organizations the flexibility they need to work as their corporate policies permit.

Managed Service
Quick Implementation
Get up-and-running in a matter of days

  • Easy to Use - Minimal training required
  • No Software or Hardware to purchase
  • Return on Investment - Low start-up costs yield rapid results
  • Performance - Accurate, timely reports
  • Security - Highest levels of data storage and access protection
  • Scalability - Services evolve as your company changes
  • Telecom Experts - We review your data & identify new savings opportunities
  • No IT Staff - Free up your employees for other mission-critical applications


  • Upfront capital expenditure - customer purchases licenses
  • Entire application resides on customer network - no external components
  • Fully dedicated Hardware allows real-time processing of data
  • Local presence enables easier connectivity to other apps - general ledger, time and billing, active directory, property management system

Call Accounting Report Interfaces

ISI recognizes that in most organizations, there are a variety of different users in different roles with varied levels of technical expertise. In order to provide useful information to each potential user, Infortel Select includes four different reporting interfaces designed to meet the needs of specific audiences.

  • As soon as you enter the application, you are greeted with user-defined dashboards displaying information you can use, immediately.
  • Each report template includes pre-defned felds, default constraints, and report layout defnitions, which may be modifed to create customized reports. Newly created reports may also be shared with others within the organization.
  • Simple point and click drill down tool for the more casual user so they can dive in and get that information. The simple and elegant interface makes it quick and easy to get to the information you need right now.
    Call Exploration
  • Specific on-demand tool for the telecom techie to drill down into metrics.

Full Integration with Verba's Call and Video Recording

Analyzing your usage while recording calls gives you the ability to monitor your spend. On top of that, by examining these call recordings, you can more effectively increase productivity by catering training on a more personal level.

This solution, which combines features such as reporting, alarming, and advanced search capabilities with call archiving and playback, is an invaluable tool for growing your business. These solutions are designed with you in mind, and are all accessible at the press of a button.

Also included is the ability to utilize single sign-on. Users will take part in a seamless experience geared toward streamlining call information, while department heads will have direct access to recordings for training purposes.  The goal is to provide you with more options and an easier way to utilize them.

  • Single sign-on system
  • Access to comprehensive/specific
    client information
  • Enhanced search functions
  • Quick access to call recordings

To learn more about ISI and Verba's Call and Video Recording, please click here.


ISI's robust platform has enough packed under its hood to satisfy most of your needs. However, we believe there is always more we can deliver. Building on that philosophy, below are some of the enhancements to the Infortel Select Call Accounting and Reporting system that ISI offers.

Key Call Accounting Product Features

Rate Tables
Updating Rate Tables is imperative for your organization. Failure to assign accurate jurisdiction (local, extended local, IntraLata, Intrastate, Interstate, International) to a call will result in inaccurate reporting and rating of calls.
Learn More

Infortel Select easily pulls your entire corporate structure and user information from various sources. Easily import from active directory, spreadsheet, or time and billing system.

Time & Billing Interfaces
Exporting to a Time & Billing system couldn't be any easier. ISI's custom built interfaces connect the Infortel Select platform with most Time & Billing systems.

At its core, Infortel Select has been built with a robust security model in mind. Our data centers are SAS70 Compliant to ensure your sensistive data stays private.

Support for 75+ PBX VoIP Manufacturers
Being connected with major players and their technologies is crucial. ISI maintains manufacturer credentials where appropriate with certifications to ensure that the Infortel Select Call Accounting and Reporting solution covers the needs of our customers and their systems.
See List of Supported PBX/VoIP Servers

Our system provides scalability like no other. It will fit your business now and will grow as your organization and the need for more complex reporting increases. 

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