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Smartphones, tablets, and the social media boom are taking the world by storm, and these devices and mediums are embedding themselves in every aspect of human society. As the Technology Age continues to advance, organizations are adjusting to include these advancements in their business models. But as important and efficient as these tools are proving to be, they are also producing a significant amount of distraction. With every harmless text, tweet, and updated Facebook status, there’s an unfinished assignment, missed deadline, and potentially wasted financial resource. Companies are scrambling to ensure employee productivity is maintained despite the bombardment of electronic and social distractions. Infortel Select can help companies track their activity and improve productivity

Abandoned Ring-Time Summary

Infortel® Select tracks abandoned calls and provides ring-time summaries, ring-time detail, and daily or weekly metrics to show the level of responsiveness when a person is answering the phone. It also provides dialed number identification which allows companies to capture the phone number on an abandoned call and re-establish communication with the customer.

Abandoned Ring-Time Summary reports are also useful in assessing whether you have adequate staff in a given department. If abandoned call reports consistently show higher abandonment rates to specific department, managers can determine if the department is understaffed or if calls should be transferred elsewhere.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary report is a high-level report that combines several reports into one document. It is designed to be sent to managers who can use the data to determine if more detailed metrics are necessary. The report is a sequential view of corporate structure (text and graph) and identifies where calls are being distributed, trends developing over the past six months, and helps establish what phone services are needed by call type. It also provides useful per call metrics, such as the top 10 longest calls by user location.

Call-Handling Summary by Hour Report

The Call-Handling Summary by Hour report is designed to show a person’s call activity during a work day for up to 12 hours. For each hour, it displays the number of calls a person handled and the average duration. This report can be used to monitor employee activity throughout the day and can help identify peak activity times. It can be run at the user and corporate structure level and can assist in managing shifts, determining employment needs, scheduling lunches, and many more day-to-day operational tasks.

Call Redirect Report

The Call Redirect reports can be displayed by detail and by hour. These reports are designed to report on calls that were forwarded to either voicemail or another extension, and are ideal to ensure customers are receiving proper support and service. These reports can show organizations how often callers reach actual people instead of recordings, and can determine if employees are actually answering phones rather than letting calls roll over to other extensions or landing straight in voicemail boxes.

Transferred Call Detail and Summary Report

The Transferred Call Summary and Transferred Call Detail reports provide specific information on transferred calls as they go from one extension to another. This is particularly useful in businesses where multiple departments are in-store and customers are looking for answers to specific products.

The Transferred Call Detail report groups the transferred call record logs together to present a complete picture of each transferred call. This can show where a customer call originated, where it was transferred to, and whether the call was answered. The Transferred Calls Summary report provides an overview of transferred call activity at the extension level, user level, or any of four successive organizational levels based upon user preference.

Call volume by organization

Identification of frequently-dialed numbers is helpful in determining potential abuse, misuse, and fraud, as well as traffic analysis and justification of trunk facilities and services. These reports provide a listing of the most-frequently dialed numbers based upon a user-defined threshold of call frequency. For example, users can identify the highest 10 and lowest 10 called numbers within a reporting period, or establish the 10 most called numbers with the highest duration. These reports can be separated by organization, data source and extension in order to easily facilitate identification and listing of numbers at the desired level of summary.

Voice & Immersive Video Recording

Employee Training

Your sales force sells products and services and have more or less the same market and customer opportunities. Yet, there is significant variation in the results of individual representatives. Recording calls of your top-performing sales people on a voluntarily basis and presenting them to your whole sales team is a way to appreciate good results and spread best practice.

Online telemarketing training impacts the bottom line

Do you know if your new operators are mentioning the up-selling options to your customers? Do you know if the right subscription packages are offered to prospects? If you record, analyze and share your calls with your operators they can improve their skills at the operator desk, on their own without costly and formal trainings.

The Verint Verba solution for call center training

Call center supervisors can use the Verint Verba Recording System to select recorded best practice calls and share them with comments to any group in the organization. A weekly training session can be automated for all call center operators, where they can listen to best practice and learn from comments from an expert.

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