Cost Reduction

There are many companies that promote cost savings with the purchase of their products. They toss out a variety of numbers with twisted percentages and make promises they could never keep if they wanted to stay in business. ISI won’t make these types of promises and won’t throw around head-spinning numbers. Simply put, implementing ISI solutions will provide organizations a significant decrease in their telecom costs.

The Infortel Select product suite provides companies a means to fully manage their telecommunications system. Utilizing cost reduction might not be a primary selling point with customers looking to buy Infortel® Select, but, in the end, they will surely notice the savings.

Call Accounting & Reporting

At it's core, Infortel® Select focuses on providing a proper reporting engine for the raw data collected from telecom sources that allows companies the opportunity to make proper business decisions in order to save money.
Below are just a few examples of how Infortel Select tackles cost reduction for organizations.

Jurisdiction Summary Report

The Jurisdiction Summary Report is designed to allow users to analyze and plan trunk facilities and trunk groups within a data source by summarizing call activity by each facility. Traffic metrics are broken down by call jurisdiction (local, long distance, international) and provide details on trunk counts, duration, and cost for a specified reporting period. The Jurisdiction Summary Report is useful to help identify routing issues and overflow, carrier bill reconciliation, and provides users an easy way to summarize total activity and cost.

Concurrent Call Analysis

Concurrent Call Analysis provides organizations a way to determine how many people are using the phone at any one given time. This information allows organizations to identify peak hours of concurrent use to determine optimal network bandwidth for SIP trunking based on yearly, monthly, and daily metrics.

Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis is useful to help organizations determine if they are over- or under-trunked. Utilizing traffic analysis reports, an organization can identify their busy hours and how many trunks were available during those busy hours. From these metrics, they can establish the correct number of trunks needed to handle the busy hours at the grade-service they determine.

Area Code Exchange Summary

Area code reports are valuable tools to provide users information on area codes they are calling or international calls they're making. Reports analyzing call volume by destination enable organizations to effectively plan for future trunk facilities and carrier services, and can help organizations identify where gateways might be needed based on call volume to specific geographic areas. These reports also give companies the ability to detect abuse, misuse, and fraud, and can provide a useful means to analyze calling patterns of specific user groups. Users can choose to organize the reports by area code or exchange. And when ANI is provided on incoming calls, the Area Code Exchange Summary report can summarize incoming call activity by the area code/exchange of origination.

Telecom Audit

ISI’s Telecom Audit and Optimization (Telecom Profit Optimizer™) concentrates on obtaining vendor refunds due to billing errors and recommending actions that will reduce your telecom costs. Our approach is to evaluate all areas of your company’s voice and data communications expenditures, make recommendations relative to your situation and requirements, and implement those recommendations to ensure that you quickly realize savings. Pricing is based on the actual savings achieved.

Infortel Invoice Manager

Through the combination of technology and services, ISI’s Infortel Invoice Manager can reduce the cost of your voice, wireless data and unified communications by as much as 10% to 30% on an ongoing basis, as well as decrease the labor costs associated with processing your invoices.

Through the managed service solution, organizations will realize the greatest impact on cost savings due to ISI's on-going monitoring by trained professionals. All disputes, resolutions, and other tedious invoice management issues are handled by your trusted advisors at ISI so that your staff can focus on the things that grow your business!

Infortel Wireless Manager

Infortel Wireless Manager provides our customers with the on-going management tools and services needed to drive down and control wireless telecom costs.

Our Enhanced Wireless Services typically yield a savings of 15% to 25%. Achieving these savings requires very little time on your part, because ISI not only finds potential issues with improper carrier billing, flawed rate optimization and/or untracked usage patterns, but we also implement all the approved recommendations for you.

Through our Wireless Help Desk Services, companies are able to achieve cost reductions of 20%-50% by easily identifying usage exceptions such as high usage users, zero usage users, users with multiple devices, high text messaging without a plan, high international roaming without a plan, etc.

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