Solutions by Industry

ISI has a long and vast record of success at helping customers across a wide variety of industries. Our experience has helped shape our solutions and services so we can provide the best tools available that can be tailored for your needs.


ISI provides a wide range of solutions for Healthcare businesses that support Federal and State compliance requirements, optimize staffing and service levels, and increase patient care through optimized communication. Key features include:

  • Medicare proof of timely patient contact
  • FDA Certification Audits on Pharmacy call answer, abandon & hold rates
  • State mandated community service objectives for ER funding
  • HIPAA compliant solution

Financial Services

Infortel Select unifies the reporting of voice interactions from various platforms for single pane-of-glass visibility. Solving the need for a platform which offers actionable and accurate information. Paired with call recording solutions, financial service businesses can safely navigate complex regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Searchable call history for compliance and legal investigation
  • Manage voice & video utilization across ALL geographic locations
  • Monitor call volumes and answer rates to improve caller experience at branch locations

SLED (Govt & Education)

SLED organizations and agencies need the benefits of unified communication but need to solve their budgeting and compliance requirements. ISI’s Infortel Select is built to handle the most granular of reporting requirements while improving QoS through:

  • Maintaining historical call data for compliance
  • Tracking expense allocation to department or agency
  • Validation of carrier billing
  • Improving Jabber & Skype user adoption for voice & video


Customer experience satisfaction is a must for the retail sales industry. ISI’s solutions help provide faster results, business-centric standard reports and dashboards resulting in quicker call resolution and the minimization of quality of service problems. Infortel Select’s customizable program supports Retail Industry needs by addressing:

  • Call volume by department and time of day
  • Unanswered & transferred calls visibility
  • Evaluate IVR/Auto-attendant effectiveness
  • Improved customer experience