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Recording of remote witness testimony

In an era of low cost, high quality video conferencing and ever increasing travel costs, the old question of whether remote, video conference based testimonies are appropriate in court rooms is changing. Today, modern courts have reformulated the question. Can we afford not to use these technologies?

Videoconferencing in the court room safes travel costs

There are many reasons, why videoconferencing and telepresence solutions are entering courtrooms around the world. Not having to finance the travel related expenses of expert witnesses, that formerly needed to be physically present at the courthouse can lead to dramatic cost reductions and also saves time for everyone.

Remote witnessing can increase security

By allowing a remote witness testimony, a judge can avoid transporting witnesses from correctional facilities to the courthouse and back. This lowers costs while increasing general security. Witnesses can go to a conferencing station close to them.

Recorded testimonies in compliance with legislatives

Remote witnessing solutions facilitate witnesses to provide evidence from a remote site via CCTV a video conferencing of telepresence session. High quality and secure recording is a vital requirement.

The Verint Verba solution for remote witness testimonies

The Verint Verba Recording System provides seamless, high-performance video communication recording capabilities. From smaller video phones to high-end telepresence rooms the Verint Verba solution provides the necessary documentation tools required by the legal system. All recordings are encrypted and digitally signed using mathematically proven cryptographic algorithms. All access to the recordings is audited.

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