Professional Services

Remote Expert

Connecting an expert through a video call provides outstanding customer experience from every contact point.

  • Bank customers can easily connect to an appropriate financial advisor via video
  • Medical professionals can attend to patients through high quality telepresence links
  • Legal depositions can be done in anywhere where video communication is available

The Verint Verba solution

Your Verint Verba Recording System can record experts in the branch can become a necessity for businesses to ensure compliance with both external and internal regulations and procedures. Non-compliance can cost millions of dollars in fines and litigation, damage business reputation, increase customer churn, and raise exposure to fraud.

  • Compliance with regulations requiring recording
  • Dispute resolution and legal defense
  • Verbal contract documentation
  • Accuracy verification
  • Employee compliance monitoring and verification
  • Unique, all-in-one solution for voice, video and telepresence recording

verba technologies

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