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Recording phone interviews

How do you document your investigations? Can your journalists record phone interviews? Can your journalists do it from their laptop from anywhere? Can you access all your phone interviews in a secured manner from one protected storage? Do you protect your journalist in case someone threatens them?

All of these questions, and many more, are answered by the Verint Verba Recording System.

Recording phone interviews directly into the corporate memory

Using the Verint Verba Recording System, you can start using your phones and phone system to record phone interviews at any time from any device. Compared with other recording solutions based on phone software or standalone dictaphone devices, the Verint Verba solution will provide a secure, searchable central repository of all interviews ever created.

Telephone interview recording made easy

The only equipment necessary for phone interview recording using Verint Verba is your phone, whether it is a mobile phone, a softphone or desktop phone. No separate telephone interview recording device is needed. Interviews are made seamlessly and are stored centrally.

The Verint Verba solution for phone interview recording

Your Verint Verba solution comes with the following features:

  • Enables call recording from any phone device, anywhere
  • Just call the recorder and initiate a three party conference
  • Easy to use from any phone endpoint including mobile phones
  • Industry standard SIP support
  • IVR system for optional authentication and call playback

When a journalist wants to record an interview from a mobile phone on the road, she calls the Verint Verba recorder and starts a three party conference to make the interview. It's that simple.

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