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Digital Voice Recorder for Dictation

Dictaphone recordings need to be transferred from dictaphone to PC from the PC, you probably would mail it to someone else, who would transcribe it. Searching recordings is very hard work, requires focus and good structure in storing all the media files. Also batteries need to be replaced often in your dictaphone.

Your phone becomes your digital voice recorder

Any mobile or desk phone becomes a dictaphone or digital voice recorder with Verint Verba. No more tape and battery problems. There is only one device to manage and keep in mind, your phone.

Digital dictaphone reinvented

Since dictations are recorded centrally and immediately get stored in a centralized archive, turnaround times for external or in-house transcription services can be dramatically reduced. Beside this, having an organized central place to store digital dictations is a great advantage for many organizations. This archive becomes a corporate memory.

The Verint Verba solution for centralized digital dictation

The Verint Verba Recording System adds a dictation phone number to your VoIP network. This number can require a PIN code or automatically recognize the caller. Every call to the dictation line is stored as a separate dictation. When Verint Verba is used as both call recording and dictation platforms all media gets stored in a single unified, easily searchable media repository. The built-in web application allows you to execute simple business processes that effectively manage your transcription needs.

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