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Conference Call Recording

Conference call recording is a typical feature of phone conferencing services. However in certain cases those recording functions just do not cut it.

Single archive for all your teleconferences

Sometimes it is important not only to record conference calls, but also to archive and securely share them with an audience, internal or public, small or large. Having call recordings from different systems, emailed between participants is not the ideal solution for organizations that need better transparency.

Store audio conference recordings in-house

Business policies might require that sensitive information, like business conference calls is stored inside the organization and not outside. In such a situation using a professional call recorder can satisfy this security policy.

Also for video conferencing and telepresence

With the availability of video conference systems and telepresence rooms it is natural that critical business communications move into visual communications. When recording is important, Verint Verba can help you stay compliant and communicate freely.

The Verint Verba Solution for conference call recording

Using the Verint Verba Recording System all your conference calls can be recorded in-house and stored centrally in one place for sharing to the organization. Multiple solutions are available from no-touch automated conference recording for conference rooms to more manual processes for ad hoc mobile phone conference situations where a recording line can be called before calling the conference number.

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