Professional Services Package

Professional Services

Professional Services Package

To maintain profitability in today’s fast-paced business environment, professional service firms need to recover all phone-related billable costs accurately and on a timely basis. Unfortunately for many firms – including law, architecture, advertising, public relations, accounting and engineering – thousands of dollars are lost each year on unbillable phone expenses because calls are not accurately billed back to clients.

The solution? Infortel® Select Professional Services Package (Infortel Select PSP). Infortel Select PSP combines the best of onsite software and outsourced service bureau into one flexible package. It can be deployed as an onsite application, a web-based ASP solution or a fully outsourced service. Companies can easily migrate to a more suitable configuration, with minimal disruption, as a firm’s needs change.

Best of all, our Web Call Edit feature saves you time and money, and improves customer service. Web Call Edit allows users the ability to edit call records from any PC, anywhere! All they need is an Internet browser and a login and password. Users can edit calls for themselves, or for multiple people, based on password-level rights. In the case of a law firm, typically a legal assistant had to print call records for several lawyers, and distribute hard copies. Once the lawyers had gone through the records, handwriting in the new codes, the assistant then had to manually enter the codes into the computer. This process takes time – both in lag time to get the reports back and in manually processing the records – as well being inefficient and prone to mistakes.

Quick search allows the user to quickly and easily find specific calls in a long list of calls.  The user types in all or part of what they are searching for and the system quickly shows them the records that match the criteria.  This makes finding specific calls fast and easy.

Infortel Select PSP’s web editing functionality allows a firm to push back the editing to the users. Web call editing allows for easy lookup of account/matter codes so there’s no memorization or need for “cheat sheets.” The calls are clearly marked as which are valid and which are not – so it’s easy to see which records need to be fixed. Call editing allows a firm to validate the calls before they get to the billing system. The data that gets output is accurate, which saves time on the backend and provides better customer service to clients, as the bills are more accurate.

And in the case where an assistant does edit calls for multiple people, they can easily select who to edit from a drop-down list, based on their login rights.

Web Edit allows the users to edit calls from anywhere – any PC, in any office, or even in the comfort of their own home. And because all it takes is an Internet Browser, your firms IT department will no longer have to install and maintain software on multiple computers. And the savings can add up, as there are no additional licensing fees required.

Other Features

Time-and-Billing Interface

Infortel Select PSP provides a two-way interface to all major time-and-billing systems. Infortel Select PSP automatically accepts lists of valid clients and matters and posts transactions without user intervention.

Support for Alphanumeric Account Codes

Firms using alphanumeric account codes cannot enter the codes at the telephone. In the past, these firms had few, if any, options for assigning codes to calls. Infortel Select PSP supports the entering of alphanumeric account codes, making this an ideal solution for these firms.

Most Recently-Used Feature

The Most Recently Used Feature of Infortel Select PSP allows users to reduce the number of client/matter numbers shown in the search box. When the search box is clicked, only the most recently used accounts appear, speeding up entry.

Spreadsheet Editing

A key feature to the application is its “spreadsheet” editing methodology. The user first selects a series of records to be edited. They are then presented with a spreadsheet showing calls to be edited. This allows for multiple record selection, column locking, and variable sort order. NOTE: Silverlight doesn’t support right mouse.

Enhanced PSP

Enhanced PSP gives you the added benefit of billing for a person’s time spent on the phone, not just the cost of the calls.

While using Enhanced PSP, it is very important to keep the following guidelines and definitions in mind:

  • A billable call is a call with a valid Account/Matter code where the account and matter codes are marked as billable in the account code database and the group they belong to is a “Business” type group
  • A non-billable call is a call with a valid Account/Matter code where the account or matter codes are marked as non-billable in the account code database and the group they belong to is a “Business” type group
  • A non-business call is a call with a valid Account/Matter code where the group the account code belongs to is a “Non-business” type group
  • An unassigned call is a call with no Account/Matter code or an invalid Account/Matter code. An invalid Account/Matter code is one that is not in the Account Code database

The Enhanced PSP functionality allows you to report on all of the above categories so that you know how people are spending their time on the phone.

It also allows you to assign names to phone numbers so you know more than the location that was called, you know who they called. If a phone number is always associated with a specific account code, you can enter that information to make reporting more accurate.

Several reports are available to show the trend of billable hours and amounts.

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