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Carrier Bill Reconciliation

Are you catching those errors?

At ISI, we realize the sheer complexity of your phone bills can be overwhelming. They are difficult to read and complicated to understand. Do you have the time and the staff to sift through pages of fine print and cryptic terminology to identify errors? Do you know what you have contracted for and what you should be paying? Are you sure you made all of the calls your carrier is billing you for? In other words.

Do you audit your phone bills call-by-call?

If not, you could be paying too much! The question is, what are you doing about it? ISI has the answer. Our Carrier Bill Reconciliation solution takes actual Call Detail Records from your PBX or VoIP platform and matches every call against your carrier bills. With ISI’s Carrier Bill Reconciliation, you’ll quickly spot calls you didn’t make, mis-timed calls and calls billed at the wrong rate. The bottom line is savings and that’s what ISI gives you. Carrier Bill Reconciliation is just one of the many ways our award-winning Call Reporting solution, Infortel® Select, helps your business.

Award Winning Solution

ISI has received a 2010 Product of the Year Award from Communications Solutions magazine for Carrier Bill Reconciliation! Carrier Bill Reconciliation provides significant cost-reduction benefits for virtually any customer, with a low investment compared to most Telecom Expense Management solutions on the market.

Carrier Bill Reconciliation Will:

  • Reduce your telecom costs
  • Ensure you’re paying the correct rates for every call
  • Verify call durations for accuracy
  • Determine whether call counts of dialed numbers are accurate
  • Provide documentation to support dispute claims with your carrier
  • Document actual phone usage and costs to help you find the best phone service deals
  • Keep your carriers honest!


  • Condense hours-and-hours of error-prone manual labor into a few minutes and keystrokes
  • Satisfy mandatory or compliance requirements for detailed call auditing
  • Provide the most accurate and detailed level of telecom auditing possible
  • Potential to generate immediate and historical credits from carriers
  • Savings!

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