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Infortel® Select & Skype™ for Business

"ISI's Infortel® Select helps Skype for Business users monitor their calling activity, improve productivity, manage their networks and take full advantage of the technology."

Business Needs

Skype for Business is the most advanced cloud communications product available on the market today. It will expand your communications options, reduce your costs and enable your enterprise to run more efficiently, but how will you know if you are taking full advantage of the technology? How will you monitor calling activity by your employees to guard against misuse? How will you manage your Skype for Business Server network to ensure you have enough capacity at critical network choke points? How will you leverage the information on how your employees communicate to improve business processes and run more efficiently? The answer is Infortel® Select from ISI Telemanagement Solutions.



Users of Skype for Business will be able to leverage the advanced reporting and analysis in Infortel® Select to take full advantage of cloud communications. Infortel® Select helps answer questions like:

  • Where are calls coming from? Where are we making calls to?
  • How is my network performing? Do I have any blockage?
  • Do I need more bandwidth capacity? If so, where do I need it?
  • How are my employees handling customer calls?
  • Are customers waiting in queue too long? Are they abandoning and calling our competitors?
  • Is my Telesales Team making enough cold calls?
  • Am I realizing the savings I expected from my network investment?

Our reporting provides Skype for Business users with a ground-level view of all communications within their organization and identifies opportunities to improve productivity and reduce costs. Monitoring devices and pre-set Alarm Notifications in Infortel® Select enable users to curtail unwanted calling, such as international calls, calls to 411 and unwarranted calls to 911.


Users of Skype for Business will realize significant benefits with Infortel® Select, including:


We find savings of up to 35%.

Superior Customer Service & Support

US-based Telecom Consultants (averaging 7+ Years of experience) are available 24x7 to help answer questions, troubleshoot software and advise our clients of potential savings/productivity opportunities.

Superior Products

We offer Business Intelligence, Network Management and Productivity Reporting, which enables our clients to improve Employee Productivity, enhance Customer Service, increase Sales and Reduce Expenses. Executive Dashboards, Multi-Lingual Reports, Currency Conversion, Automatic Reports Distribution. Our products are easier to use and more flexible, especially for international applications.

Advanced GUI Interface

Infortel® Select uses an advanced GUI based on Microsoft® Silverlight®.

High Quality and Security Standards

ISI is the only provider in the industry with ISO 9001:2008, HIPAA, and Safe Harbor certification for Quality and Security
We maintain a Redundant Data Center that is SSAE 16 Compliant..

ISI Telemanagement Solutions exemplifies a 30+ year tradition of assisting our clients with all issues related to Telecom Management. Headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, ISI Telemanagement Solutions is a leading provider of Call Accounting and Telecom Management solutions that optimize information, productivity, and costs involving data, wireless, voice, and unified communications. Our customers use our award-winning Infortel® Select product, with the Concurrent Call Analysis feature, to manage bandwidth for Voice over IP and SIP Routing on all cloud communications platforms, including Skype for Business Server.

ISI has an international client-base and is a leader in reliably delivering and supporting quality products and services. ISI's solutions are certified and distributed by industry leaders, such as Microsoft. ISI facilities, processes, and data security comply with ISO 9001: 2008, SSAE 16, HIPAA and other important standards.

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