Keeping Track of Calls to Your Stores Shouldn’t Be an Exercise in Blind Man’s Bluff

Take the Blindfold Off

The world’s largest home improvement retailer with more than 2,300 locations nationwide.  A Florida-based “Top 100” U.S. furniture retailer. A 32-state, 142-store specialty flooring company. All ISI customers. All with the visibility they need to track inbound calls and significantly improve the shopping experiences of ready-to-buy consumers.

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“Hi, I want to make a purchase.”

”Consumers who initiate inbound calls to retail locations convert faster, spend more, and have a higher retention rate.”

Forrester Research, Inc.

Consumer on a call

Still the one.

“As brands prioritize their digital experiences, they often overlook a simple fact: communicating by voice is faster, easier, and more effective than typing messages back and forth.”

Harvard Business Review

Consumer picking up the phone

One minute, fifty-five seconds.

“The length of time before 60% of callers placed on hold by retailers hang up. Of these, 34% never call the retailer back.“

Small Business Chronicle

Frustrated caller