Provisioning and Inventory Management

Simplifying the management of UC collaboration and contact center resources can be achieved using a modular administration solution for provisioning and managing communication resources. Streamlining the provisioning and lifecycle management of communication resources enables enterprises to become more agile and respond faster to dynamic conditions which drives operational efficiencies.

Provisioning Collaboration

All necessary resources for users are automatically provisioned and configured based on configurable templates within a user friendly interface for on-boarding and off-boarding collaboration users.

ISI Provisioning Management

Dashboard Portal

The dashboard view provides information for all UC Platforms with drill down capabilities to obtain real-time measurements and historical reports.

Phone Number Management

Phone number usage and availability is presented in a consolidated view from all connected systems including extensions and DIDs.

Inventory Management

Inventory of communication resources can be retrieved from all connected systems to provide consolidated views that are easy to search and generate reports. For example, administrators can produce a quick view of devices in a specific device pool along with their current registration status. The inventory module periodically retrieves data along with updated status.

Inventory Management

Provisioning Agents

On-boarding and off-boarding contact center agents is a cinch with our system. All necessary resources for agents are automatically provisioned and configured based on configurable templates.

Resource Inventory

Access to communication data from all connected systems are available in a consolidated view. The inventory can be easily searched along with the ability to generate reports.