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Call Accounting & Reporting for Microsoft Lync Server

The Microsoft Lync Server, previously named Office Communications Server (OCS), generates information necessary for call detail reporting by logging a variety of metrics on each Lync event in an internal SQL database. In order for call detail records to be made available to the Infortel Select application, ISI developed a SQL query process that retrieves necessary call event details from the Microsoft database and creates an intermediate call detail record that contains the fields of information necessary to support Infortel Select reporting. This intermediate call detail record becomes the source of call detail information for the Infortel Select application and can be stored, transported and manipulated as necessary without placing any burden on Lync server or its internal SQL database

Local CDR Collection

In order to utilize this interface in an ISI-hosted solution environment, ISI has incorporated this Lync server interface into a stand-a-lone application called Remote Data Collect. Remote Data Collect is installed on a PC residing on the customer network with access rights to the Lync SQL database and access to the public Internet. Remote Data Collect facilitates a regularly-scheduled query of necessary information from the Lync database, formatting of Lync information into intermediate call detail records, temporary storage of the call records and then transmission of stored call records to the ISI data center as encrypted data.


ISI offers two options for deployment of the Remote Data Collect application. ISI will provide and ship a PC with Remote Data Collect pre-installed, ready for installation on the customer’s network. Alternatively, ISI will just provide the Remote Data Collect software for customer installation on a customer-provided physical or virtual machine. With either deployment method, an ISI technician provides remote installation and configuration assistance to the customer to ensure a successful installation.

Secure CDR transport

Remote Data Collect is configured to initiate a SFTP session to an SFTP server located in the ISI data center. On a regularly-scheduled basis, typically several times throughout the day, intermediate call records are moved from the Remote Data Collect PC to ISI for long term storage, processing, call rating and reporting. ISI utilizes SFTP push - initiated by the on-site Remote Data Collection application from behind the customer’s firewall. This “inside” initiated session is preferred over the alternative “outside” initiated session, as it is more acceptable to most corporate security models. If desired, a customer maintained proxy server may be used to redirect SFTP sessions to the ISI SFTP server, thereby providing additional security.

As SFTP transmits data in an encrypted format, this transport protocol is inherently safe for use in transport of corporate CDR over the public Internet. However, even greater data security may be achieved by establishing a VPN connection between the customer network and ISI’s data center network.

ISI Process Management

After successful implementation, ISI technicians monitor polling results daily to ensure rapid detection and resolution of problems with the Lync CDR source, the Remote Data Collect application or the transport process.

As an ISI-provided Remote Data Collect PC is a critical component in ISI’s managed data collection process, remote access to the device for ISI programming, maintenance or troubleshooting may occasionally be necessary. Remote access is used only for ISI access to the Remote Data Collect application – remote access to the Lync Server or any other network servers is not required and should not be allowed. ISI supports two methods of remote access in an effort to work with varied corporate network security policies.

  • WebEx remote control session via the public Internet.
  • Remote Desktop/Terminal Services connectivity via the public Internet. Customer provides private IP routing and/or secured VPN tunnel.

Services running on the Remote Data Collect PC

In the interest of maximizing security of the customer network, ISI configures the Remote Data Collect PC with all unnecessary Windows services disabled or uninstalled. The following services are NOT enabled on the ISI provided device:

  • Telnet
  • WWW Publishing
  • FTP Publishing
  • IIS Administration
  • Remote Desktop/Terminal Services (unless this option is used for remote ISI access)
  • Net Meeting Remote Desktop Sharing
  • SNMP Trap
  • SMTP

Virus Protection

Prior to shipment of the Remote Data Collect PC, ISI performs a thorough virus scan on the PC and provides certification that the device is free from infection. After installation on the customer network, ISI recommends the customer installs their preferred virus protection software on the Remote Data Collect PC to facilitate monitoring and virus definition updates as they would any other PC on their corporate network.

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