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Training Offerings

ISI offers a number of training offerings to its customers and partners. We have a variety of formats, each designed to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Want an ISI Trainer to come to your facility?

ISI offers onsite training at our customers’ locations. Training sessions are typically one day in length. Onsite training uses your installed ISI product, offering the following advantages:

  • Training is customized to your environment and your company’s stated use of the system
  • Examples and exercises are specific to your particular configuration
  • Hands-on training focuses on specific areas of most concern to you
  • Questions are answered with demonstrations on your installed product

Short on Time?

ISI offers web-based training courses on all versions of our Infortel® Select product, designed to focus on specific modules. Courses are typically 1 to 2 hours in length. Web-based training offers the following advantages:

  • Modular training courses offer you the opportunity to focus only the Infortel® Select areas of most concern
  • A 1 to 2-hour course is easier to accommodate into your schedule than a day or more for a full training class
  • You can attend the course from the comfort of your own office/desk
  • Depending on the number of attendees enrolled in the specific web-based course, you may have a customized one-on-one training session with our Trainer or attend a session where you can take advantage of the questions and implementation strategies of other customers. In either case, it is a great, lower-cost, opportunity

The following web-based, instructor-led courses are available to our customers using Infortel Select in either an onsite or hosted deployment method:

Courses include:(Click to Expand)

Additionally, ISI University offers web-based, instructor-led courses to our Infortel Invoice Management (Telecom Expense Management) customers:

Courses include:(Click to Expand)

Each of these courses is customized to address our customers’ specific needs and time is allocated to the courses based upon the specific customer requirements.

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