Professional Services

Tenant Billing

  • Produce a deliverable telecom bill for tenants, contractors, vendors or guests using your phone system
  • Charge fixed fee for telecom infrastructure:
    • phone equipment, voice mail, modem lines, network access, operator services
  • Charge fees for one-time services:
    • service activation, adds, moves & changes, headsets
  • User-definable inventory and billing methodology
  • Make your telecom department a profit center

Cost Reduction

  • Tracking and analysis of telephone usage back to responsible employees and departments will reduce variable usage costs
    • Abuse Reduction
    • Indentify Mis-use to coach users to be more efficient
  • Identify unused and under-used extensions
  • Trunk analysis – right-size trunk facilities to eliminate excess
  • Traffic analysis – provides metrics to negotiate on correct services
  • TPO – identify and eliminate excess, incorrect or unnecessary carrier billing with possible credits on prior months

Cost Allocation

  • True usage-based allocation of call costs back to responsible parties
  • Based upon originating PBX/VoIP extensions and ownership
  • Support for user definable fixed costs, one-time costs and overhead costs to allocate for non-usage expenses
  • Variety of predefined cost center and allocation reports
  • General Ledger interface to automate transmission of Telco charges to accounting

Carrier Bill Reconcilaition

  • Accurate rating of PBX and VoIP server generated call records to reflect both tariff and custom negotiated rate plans
  • Flexible reporting choices facilitate results aligned to selected carrier, circuit(s) and billing cycles
  • Addition of carrier CDR feed facilitates automated matching of carrier to PBX CDR to identify discrepancies at the call detail level
  • Identify carrier billing errors – improper rating, call duration discrepancies, calls not made by your organization
  • Provides documentation to present to your carrier in support of disputes

Historic Call Archive

  • Months of call detail available for on-demand search and retrieve
  • Flexible reporting criteria make fast work of finding what's needed
  • Produce verification of calls made or received of fulfill HR, corporate security, customer service and legal needs

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