Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional Services firms need their Partners, Associates, Clerks and Staff on the job and mobile as much as possible. ISI offers solutions to help law firms, accounting firms, consultants and other professional services, be more productive and stay in control of their telecom costs. By implementing proper telecom management tools focused around voice and data optimization, client billing, and voice and immersive video recording, firms and organizations can streamline their professional needs while keepinig costs at bay.

Call Accounting & Reporting

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Voice & Video Recording

Record Client Meetings

Every word matters. Whether you need to record depositions or sensitive conversations with clients or revisit archived interviews at a moment’s notice, ISI and Verint Verba’s Voice and Immersive Video Recording system can provide your organization the recording solution necessary to keep you mobile with the ability to meet anywhere, anytime on the fly.

Remote witnessing solutions facilitate witnesses to provide evidence from a remote site via a CCTV video conferencing a telepresence session. High quality and secure recording is a vital requirement.

The Voice and Immersive Video solution provides a unified recording capability that captures voice, immersive video, telepresence calls and agent screen images. Verint Verba’s recording technology and ISI’s reporting capabilities enhance business operations with modes that include full recording, selective recording and on-demand recording. ISI and Verint Verba support all major UC and Contact Center system vendors such as Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft and Broadsoft.
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Telecom Audit & Optimization

With the global economy presenting daily challenges to businesses large and small, organizations and firms are working hard to make their businesses monetarily efficient. One of the biggest costs in any organization is their telecom expenses. In an industry where contracted work has a start and end date, properly managing and optimizing telecom expenses can result in huge savings.

Take advantage of ISI's Telecom Audit service (Telecom Profit Optimizer™, or TPO) to provide a simple, quick, way for organizations to get a snapshot of their telecommunications expenses. ISI analyzes a company's telecommunications expenses at no cost, and provides analysis and an itemized report identifying areas that will provide potential cost-savings. Fees are based on a percentage of the savings that ISI finds for the company. ISI is paid only when implemented recommendations lead to real savings.
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Infortel® Wireless Manager – TEM

Enhanced Wireless Services

Professional Services organizations have always been at the forefront of technology. Technical consultants must be on top of new technological releases and software in order to gain an edge over their competitors. With the integration of tablets, smartphones, and other wireless technology into most business models, lawyers, consultants, and insurance agents can work entirely on the go. However, with this increased mobility, companies are finding it necessary to incorporate a means to manage the devices associated with their companies. They need the ability to optimize voice and data plans, as well as keep an inventory of devices utilized by their employees.

ISI’s Enhanced Wireless Service provides organizations a way to manage the devices they provide their employees and helps optimize rate plans according to situations. Based on three-month averages, Infortel Wireless Manager flags abnormalities to provide management a means to make adjustments. If a cell phone or pager is no longer being used, ISI will work with carriers to dispose of or deactivate the contract. If a device is missing discounts, Enhanced Wireless Service will identify and flag it. Unified reporting across carriers produces one easy-to-work-with invoice. Voice, text, and data plans can be optimized to eliminate overages and provide ideal rates based on an employee’s job function. Inventory can be documented and tracked by user. Most importantly, organizations will have the ability to manage the devices they provide their employees, and gain control over their wireless spend.
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Help Desk

Help Desk is an add-on to the TEM system. If a professional services firm has corporate-liable mobile devices and does not wish to dedicate hours to their IT staff to handle activations, warranties, discounts, and overall support, then Help Desk is an ideal solution. Help Desk will manage upgrades, add/remove data and voice/text service, and manage the daily, weekly, and monthly mobile optimization fluctuations for your organization, allowing staff to focus more on their primary duties. Help Desk is available Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm CST.
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