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ISI helps hospitals and care providers manage their unified communications networks by providing the metrics and analytics needed to ensure compliance, electronic record trails, and cost savings.

Call Accounting & Reporting

By using Infortel Select, reporting tools focused on network optimization, trunk utilization, industry compliance and patient billing, healthcare facilities of all sizes can spend less time worrying about their telecom costs and more time focused on providing the necessary tools and equipment to better help their patients.

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Voice & Video Recording

Confer with Specialists

As technology continues to evolve, new ways of medical collaboration are becoming relevant and highly useful, which is drastically increasing the effectiveness of communication between doctors and patients. ISI and Verint Verba’s Voice and Immersive Video Recording system enables East-coast Doctors to confer with West-coast doctors and patients in Illinois can meet with specialists in California without having to book a flight. Doctors can record sensitive conversations with patients and revisit archived interviews quickly and efficiently. And by recording interactions with patients and families, doctor liability is reduced. Patients, on the other hand, can request DVDs of the voice and video conversations with the same doctors for their own personal records.

The Voice and Immersive Video solution provides a unified recording capability that captures voice, immersive video, telepresence calls and agent screen images. Verint Verba’s recording technology and ISI’s reporting capabilities enhance business operations with modes that include full recording, selective recording and on-demand recording. ISI and Verint Verba support all major UC and Contact Center system vendors such as Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft and Broadsoft.
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Telecom Audit & Optimization

With federal pressure to convert all patient EHRs into electronic format by 2014, obstacles are arising to secure funding to employ the proper EHR software. Hospitals and care centers are looking for ways to cut costs and still remain in the forefront of the technology boom. Optimizing telecommunications spend is a quick way to help work towards achieving this goal.

ISI's Telecom Audit service (Telecom Profit Optimizer, or TPO) provides a simple, quick, cost-free way for hospitals and health care centers to gain control over their telecommunications network spending. ISI analyzes a company's telecommunications expenses at no cost, and provides analysis and an itemized report identifying areas that will provide potential cost-savings. Fees are based on a percentage of the savings that ISI finds for the company. ISI is paid only when implemented recommendations lead to real savings.
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Infortel® Invoice Manager – TEM

The government is pressing hard to incorporate full electronic patient records by 2014. Healthcare organizations are scrambling to raise funds to meet this initiative, but are having difficulty working the costs associated with these programs into their shrinking budgets. To further complicate the situation, investors and reimbursements from both Medicare and private insurers are starting to wane, and the Healthcare industry is finding itself under intense pressure to establish new ways to generate income. This has resulted in a influx of mergers and acquisitions that will only increase over the next few years.

As this trend continues, healthcare organizations are also taking notice of their telecom systems, which are costing them bundles and are often in shambles due to lack of documentation, complicated, disjointed approval processes, and no telecom expense management (TEM) system in place to handle the transition. Keeping track of locations and inventory (circuits, PRI and pots lines, etc.) is becoming highly problematic, particularly as organizations absorb come-and--go satellite sites whose telecom systems are equally chaotic. In an industry that is trying to find new ways to save money, every unused PRI line and abandoned circuit is causing organizations to take one step forward and ten steps back.

Infortel® Invoice Manager is designed to help resolve these issues. TEM is a software platform that allows organizations to manage expenses tied to their telecom network. ISI provides a means to help organizations analyze and pay telecom invoices. Utilizing auditing and productivity tools, Infortel Invoice Manager allows users to perform cost allocation, establish automated invoice approval processes, and simplify procurement. TEM assists with inventory management and increases visibility of an organization’s telecom spend which allows management to make more informed decisions. This helps identify where telecom expenses can be slashed or revised and provides organizations opportunities to generate cost savings that can be absorbed elsewhere, such as in software to help them meet the 2014 EPR initiative.
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Infortel® Wireless Manager – TEM

Enhanced Wireless Services

Healthcare organizations have always been at the forefront of technology. They provide their doctors pagers and cell phones in the event of emergency and to keep open lines of communication. Tablets and laptops are becoming the choice of many to complete electronic patient records. As technology advances, healthcare organizations are often the first to implement it.

ISI’s Enhanced Wireless Service provides organizations a way to manage the devices they provide their employees and helps optimize rate plans according to situations. Based on three-month averages, Infortel Wireless Manager flags abnormalities to provide management a means to make adjustments. If a cell phone or pager is no longer being used, ISI will work with carriers to dispose or deactivate the contract. If a device is missing discounts, Enhanced Wireless Service will identify and flag it. Unified reporting across carriers produces one easy-to-work-with invoice. Voice, text, and data plans are can be optimized to eliminate overages and provide ideal rates based on an employee’s job function. Inventory can be documented and tracked by user. Most importantly, healthcare organizations will have the ability to manage the devices they provide their employees, and gain control over their wireless spend.
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