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08/22/11 Generate Recurring Savings With ISI Rate Tables!

Today more than ever, ISI’s Rate Tables are key to effective management of telecom usage and expense. Purchasing an ISI Rate Table subscription can help you spot cost reduction opportunities and measure ROI within your organization. Discover how Rate Tables can impact your bottom line.

Being able to determine where specific phone calls are received or made is at the core of ISI’s Call Reporting solutions.  Having this information, which is contained in our Rate Tables, and ensuring it is accurate and up-to-date, is critical to being able to indentify calling patterns and trends, employee abuse, fraud, and network hacking.

Accurate Call Jurisdiction
The primary function of a Rate Table is determination of the jurisdiction of each call, based upon the point of origin, dialed number and current local carrier tariffs. Since call rating is based upon jurisdiction (local, extended local, IntraLata, Intrastate, Interstate, International and dozens of other combinations), failure to assign accurate jurisdiction to a call will result in inaccurate reporting of call cost.

ISI-provided Rate Tables are built for your actual point of origin and updated regularly to reflect the most current tariff information. This ensures proper jurisdiction on every call and accurate call rating whether rates are based upon standard carrier tariffs, discounted plans, flat rates or your own custom call pricing scheme. Accurate call jurisdiction and rating is especially important in IP telephony deployments where Tail End Hop Off is utilized.

2011 Trade Shows and Events

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Cisco Collaboration Summit 2011: November 14-17; Miami, Florida



Cisco 2011 Technology Forum: March 23; King of Prussia, PA


ABA Tech Show: April 11-12; Chicago, IL

Cisco 2011 Technology Forum: April 20; Bethlehem, PA

Cisco 2011 Technology Forum: April 28; Pittsburgh, PA


Cisco 2011 Technology Forum: May 19; Bushkill, PA

2011 International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) Annual Conference: May 22-26; Las Vegas, NV


Cisco 2011 Technology Forum: June 2; Harrisburg, PA


Cisco Live 2011: July 10-14; Las Vegas, NV



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