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ISI Workforce Optimization Suite

What is the ISI Workforce Optimization Suite?

The ISI Workforce Optimization Suite consists of a series of applications designed to improve operations in your contact center, maximize agent productivity, and control costs. By deploying the ISI Workforce Optimization Suite, enterprises of all size can realize the benefits of streamlined operations, an engaged workforce, and lower overall costs.

Components of the ISI Workforce Optimization Suite

Verba Collaboration Recording

The days of the voice-only contact center are rapidly dimming. Today’s contact center encompasses the entire Unified Communications stack including Voice, Video, Desktop Screens and Instant Messaging. The Verba Collaboration Recording System is designed to capture all components of the contact center.

Infortel Speech Analytics

Infortel Speech Analytics is designed to improve contact center and enterprise performance through conversational analytics (text and speech analytics). It immediately reveals insights from automated analysis of communications between you and your customers across multiple channels – including phone, email, chat, social and more.

Delivered as a cloud-based or on premise call center monitoring solution, Infortel Speech Analytics is transforming call center performance management with the following key capabilities:

  • Captures customer conversations and associated metadata from any source communication system (call recorders, chat systems) and across multiple contact center sites and locations.
  • Converts customer interactions (calls, chats, emails, social) into a consistent format for analysis.
  • Automatically evaluates every contact for sentiment/acoustics, categorization, and performance scoring.
  • Allows for free form search to find and playback contacts containing certain words and phrases or sharing other characteristics in a familiar web search user experience.
  • Allows for evaluation and comparison of performance and key metrics using data visualization.
  • Determines Root cause through auto topic analysis and automatically identifying outliers.
  • Performance Management Portals for the Call Center.

Infortel Speech Analytics automates the call center agent performance management process by providing direct performance feedback to contact center managers, supervisors, and agents.

Infortel Workforce Management


On average, 67-75% of the cost to run a contact center goes to agents and supervisors. Labor cost represents the greatest opportunity for contact centers to save money. Infortel Workforce Management software is the best solution to realize the potential savings.

Whether you have a 20-agent call center, or thousands of agents in a multi-site complex, Infortel Workforce Management provides a solution that custom fits your needs.

Coupling the most advanced scheduling technology with the easiest user interface, Infortel Workforce Management delivers a flexible software that maximizes productivity, while lowering administrative costs. Users gain a web-based solution accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

In addition, with over 100 standard reports and dozens of scheduling options, users can configure the interface to match all the demands of a growing business. Understand, adapt, and evolve with Infortel Workforce Management.

Deployment Methods

Infortel Workforce Management is available in two different deployment options, thereby allowing optimal flexibility. As business needs change, users can easily transition from one service to the other.


This subscription service is delivered via the Internet, and can be implemented in as little as one week. Data is maintained on a secure server, and users can access and manage contact data at any time, from anywhere.


This turnkey solution is designed for organizations that want total control while still having complete flexibility. The system is installed on a private corporate network, but can easily be transitioned to the On-Line service.

Key Differentiators

A key to providing quality customer care in a dynamic and changing business environment is the ability to schedule the right number of people at the right time. Several factors allow Infortel Workforce Management to provide unique advantages to an organization:

icon-resellerAdvanced Scheduling
and forecasting algorithm

icon-resellerUser-centered design

icon-resellerWeb-based, open standards architecture

icon-resellerDedicated development and refinement

icon-resellerNo hidden fees or charges

icon-resellerCompare actual results against projected results to deliver quality ROI


Infortel Select Reporting

Many organizations find that their needs for call handling do not require a full contact center solution. If the objective is basic call routing and queuing, their contact center needs can be handled within the native capabilities of the telephone system. For example, Cisco Unified Communications Manager contains a feature known as Native Call Queuing while Microsoft Lync has Response Groups.

Call Recording, Speech Analytics, and Workforce management play a critical role in managing those contact centers as well. What is missing, however, is contact center reporting and analytics. Infortel Select, from ISI Telemanagement Solutions is an ideal complement to your informal contact center. With Infortel Select you can get the statistics and metrics to manage your contact center. You can get information such as:

  • Abandoned call rates
  • Queue times
  • Agent productivity
  • Transferred Calls
  • Calls by hour by agent to measure agent productivity

In addition, with call accounting and reporting in place, users can access a myriad of features that provide metrics on voice traffic analysis and trunk utilization. This ensures necessary bandwidth requirements are in place to maintain a call flow into the contact center.

Traffic Analysis Service


When it comes to your contact center, reliability is key. Your voice network needs to be able to handle the call traffic coming into your contact center, or you risk customers hearing a busy signal. The more you know about your voice network bandwidth usage, the better you can manage your contact center’s performance and efficiency.

With a traffic analysis service, an organization participates in a short-term engagement where information gathering, analysis, and recommendations are provided by an experienced telecom professional. Think of it as the first step to organizing your contact center and setting your company up for success. It can justify your need for additional solutions, and gauge overall effectiveness of current practices.

This study includes:

  • Right-sizing of trunk facilities to eliminate waste and blocked calls
  • What-if analysis to account for various scenarios
  • Consolidated reporting on all trunks and majority of phone systems
  • Validation of proper call routing and identification of overflow


Begin realizing the benefits of a fully optimized contact center with the ISI Workforce Optimization Suite. Contact us today to learn how you can streamline your operations and save money while realizing a proven ROI!

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