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ISI Telemanagement Solutions is the proven leader when it comes to Call Accounting for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, as well as Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution.

ISI supports over 7 million Cisco phones worldwide

ISI is the only Cisco Call Accounting provider to offer these valuable features:

  • ISI has been a member of Cisco's Technology Developer Partner program since its inception in 2003
  • Call Accounting solutions for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, as well as Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution
  • Survivable CDR for Unified Communications Manager
  • Tandem Call Matching - Track complex calls that traverse both Unified Communications Networks and the PSTN
  • Carrier Call Matching - Quickly validate your carrier phone bills against your Call Detail Records from your CallManager

ISI Business Intelligence reports give Cisco users the information they need to make better business decisions

Infortel Select's reports for Cisco Unified Communications platforms include ring time, abandoned and transferred call information. These types of reports benefit any company in a non-contact center environment by potentially reducing costs involved in overstaffing, reducing abandoned calls and also provide audit trails of call interactions. The data we provide includes:

Cisco Partner Technology DeveloperCisco Partner Technology Developer

Ring Time and Abandoned Summary – Reflects how calls are being managed. This report can be generated on the department level and includes total number of inbound calls, total and average inbound duration, number and percentage of calls not answered and average ring time. This information is available at the department level and enterprise-wide.

Average Ring Time by Hour – Indicates average ring time by hour as well as total number of calls. High average ring times may indicate potential staffing or training concerns. A graphic representation is included for easy at-a-glance insight.

Traffic Analysis – This new analysis indicates locations that are under-trunked and over-trunked and include busy hour, total calls, calls blocked due to trunk or equipment failure, number of configured trunks, optimal number of trunks and the net.

Ring Time Detail – Shows if calls are being answered in a timely manner. Similar to an extension detail report, ring times for each call received as well as internal calls are provided.

Abandoned Calls by Hour – Hourly abandoned information is provided with total number of calls providing insight into call trends and facilitates correction of under or over-staffing concerns. A graphic representation is included with the text information.

Transferred Calls Report - Reflects all transferred calls and includes all legs of the call with "transferred from" and "transferred to" information. Each leg of the call indicates duration, as well as any cost associated.

These new reports assist customers in improving customer service, enhancing customer experience, lowering costs and managing resources. This added functionality allows customers with “call centers” and/or customer service groups to monitor performance prior to investing in Cisco contact center systems. Business Intelligence reporting also provides another return on investment for ISI's Infortel Select Telecom Reporting and for Cisco Unified Communications.

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