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Cisco Business Edition 6000/7000

Affordability shouldn’t come with restrictions. That’s why Cisco offers the Business Edition 6000 telephony platform. This solution is designed to pay for itself by lowering total cost of ownership and positioning company communications for future growth. The essential business deployment functions can accommodate the collaboration of up to 1,000 users, while remaining scalable for future transition to a more advanced Cisco platform.

Unified Communications
Reporting for BE6000/7000

ISI’s reporting solution, Infortel® Select, allows organizations that implement the Cisco platform a view into their business operations. This provides access to reporting functions that shed light on traffic capacity and telecom usage patterns at the organizational level. Included with this is:

  • Native call queuing and reporting for Hunt Groups
  • Jabber capability for enhanced compliance
  • Customer experience metrics to improve productivity and quality assurance

Cisco Partner Technology DeveloperCisco Partner Technology Developer
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Additionally, with specific concurrent call metrics, companies running Business Edition 6000/7000 can see the exact network impact of calls to properly assess bandwidth needs.

Integrated Collaboration
Recording for BE6000/7000

The collaboration recording solution enhances Business Edition 6000/7000 by allowing user collaboration activities through voice, video, instant message, and screen-capture to be recorded and archived in a searchable database through a single virtual instance. Both of the reporting and recording solutions are co-located (certified) in the same framework as Business Edition 6000/7000, thereby extending all of the recording controls for voice, video, instant message, and screen-capture to a single reporting screen.

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Utilizing the metrics made available through call reporting and recording, you are given a mature picture of business development. This can then be used to leverage your company’s EcoSystem to dramatically lower costs, as well as improve training and the customer's experience. Growth is at your fingertips, and it is more affordable than ever.

The integration of reporting and recording on the Business Edition platform boasts a number of benefits, including:

  • Ease of integration between Call Reporting and Call Recording
  • No requirement to purchase Contact Center if out of budget
  • Streamlined business metrics and analytics
  • Customized and automated reporting
  • Enhanced coaching methodologies with Collaboration Reporting and Recording
  • Built-in Whisper Coaching and Silent Monitoring within the recording platform
  • Single sign-on with one application

A Cisco Certified Solution

This solution is certified by Cisco as a Compatible Billing and Reporting vendor for Business Edition 6000/7000 V.9.1 running on a UCS platform.

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Many organizations that require contact center functionality within their environments will recognize the benefits of these two add-ons for Business Edition 6000/7000 as possible alternatives to expensive, and complex, contact center systems. Contact us now to find out more!
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