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Call Center Management With Best Practice

Wouldn't it be great if you could train your call center operators using real life best practice call material? This can be achieved with a solution that helps both identify and share best practice calls.

Improve your sales force with best practice training

In the pharmaceutical, medical devices, hospital products, financial services and information technology industries, your sales force sells fairly standard products and services and have more-or-less the same market and customer opportunities. Yet there is significant variation in the results of individual representatives. Recording calls of your top performing sales people on a voluntarily basis and presenting them to your whole sales team is a way to appreciate good results and spread best practice.

Call center management and privacy requirements can be balanced

In case your local laws prevent silently recording customer calls, or you feel that announcing the fact recording is disruptive for your customers, you can decide to record and play only your sales persons voice for contact center management purposes.

Online telemarketing training impacts the bottom line

Do you know if your new operators are mentioning the up-selling options to your customers? Do you know if the right subscription packages are offered to prospects? If you record, analyze and share your calls with your operators they can improve their skills at the operator desk, on their own without costly and formal trainings.

The Verint Verint Verba solution for call center training

Call center supervisors can use the Verint Verint Verba Recording System to select recorded best practice calls and share them with comments to any group in the organization. A weekly training session can be automated for all call center operators, where they can listen to best practice calls and learn from comments from an expert.

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Conference Call Recording

Conference call recording is a typical feature of phone conferencing services. However in certain cases those recording functions just do not cut it.

Single archive for all your teleconferences

Sometimes it is important not only to record conference calls, but also to archive and securely share them with an audience, internal or public, small or large. Having call recordings from different systems, emailed between participants is not the ideal solution for organizations that need better transparency.

Store audio conference recordings in-house

Business policies might require that sensitive information, like business conference calls is stored inside the organization and not outside. In such a situation using a professional call recorder can satisfy this security policy.

Also for video conferencing and telepresence

With the availability of video conference systems and telepresence rooms it is natural that critical business communications move into visual communications. When recording is important, Verint Verba can help you stay compliant and communicate freely.

The Verint Verba Solution for conference call recording

Using the Verint Verba Recording System all your conference calls can be recorded in-house and stored centrally in one place for sharing to the organization. Multiple solutions are available from no-touch automated conference recording for conference rooms to more manual processes for ad hoc mobile phone conference situations where a recording line can be called before calling the conference number.

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Threat Management

Phone threats are hard to prove, some employees work with processes where extra anti-threat protection is necessary in order to create a psychologically safe and sustainable work environment. A phone threat management system can provide the right solution.

High risk groups: government officials and journalists

Threats against government officials and politicians both on country and local levels induce an unhealthy work environment for those threatened, beside the fact that such threats constitute crime. Statistics show that officials in the police and in social departments have the highest exposure to threats. Governmental organizations use call recording as a tool to fight threats against officials and politicians on the phone.

Phone threat management system

In a typical governmental case, call recording is initiated by the employee by pressing a button on the phone. In this case the whole call, from beginning to the end is saved to a vault in a safe datacenter somewhere in the organization. The recorded calls are used strictly for legal protection purposes, and access is often protected by four eyes policies.

The Verint Verba Solution for unified threat management

The Verint Verba Recording System can record all calls in the background, all the time, but store only those calls where call recording was triggered by the phone user, legal or administrative staff. The solution is very similar to black boxes on airplane or video surveilance systems, that delete images within a day. The solution includes capabilities, such as the private button function, that makes sure that even conflicting security and privacy requirements can be properly resolved.

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Digital Voice Recorder for Dictation

Dictaphone recordings need to be transferred from dictaphone to PC from the PC, you probably would mail it to someone else, who would transcribe it. Searching recordings is very hard work, requires focus and good structure in storing all the media files. Also batteries need to be replaced often in your dictaphone.

Your phone becomes your digital voice recorder

Any mobile or desk phone becomes a dictaphone or digital voice recorder with Verint Verba. No more tape and battery problems. There is only one device to manage and keep in mind, your phone.

Digital dictaphone reinvented

Since dictations are recorded centrally and immediately get stored in a centralized archive, turnaround times for external or in-house transcription services can be dramatically reduced. Beside this, having an organized central place to store digital dictations is a great advantage for many organizations. This archive becomes a corporate memory.

The Verint Verba solution for centralized digital dictation

The Verint Verba Recording System adds a dictation phone number to your VoIP network. This number can require a PIN code or automatically recognize the caller. Every call to the dictation line is stored as a separate dictation. When Verint Verba is used as both call recording and dictation platforms all media gets stored in a single unified, easily searchable media repository. The built-in web application allows you to execute simple business processes that effectively manage your transcription needs.

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Dispute Resolution with Call Recording

Spoken words cannot be proven unless recorded. Call recording can provide proof for telesales team, traders and for many other professions.

Effective dispute resolution process with call recording

Recording calls in the service sector can drastically reduce costs, when a service call is handled by multiple layers of operators and experts in your organization. We have met the market demand to integrate our recording solution with CRM and ticketing systems. Our SAP and Peregrine integration make it possible for our customers to have the recorded calls attached to the cases in their systems, for future reference.

Resolving disputes of verbal contracts

Documenting your verbal customer contacts will allow you to search for spoken words in your call database, and enabling you to voice-mine your massive collection of recorded calls to draw important market information from your customer relations. Your voice contracts should always be available for immediate retrieval even if your team is doing thousands of voice contracts weekly or daily.

The Verint Verba solution for resolving disputes

Verint Verba can record all calls silently or record only the agreement part of a call and store it with e.g. customer IDs connected to other business systems. This way the solution can help you execute your dispute resolution policies based on facts.

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