Infortel Wireless Manager - Wireless Management & Help Desk

As part of our Telecom Expense Management suite of products and services, Infortel Wireless Manager provides our customers with the on-going management tools and services needed to drive down and control wireless telecom costs. As a completely outsourced and hosted solution, there is no need to purchase and maintain any equipment or software. Rapid implementation (60 days or less) allows our customers to quickly obtain the benefits of the solution. Our experienced team helps customers establish corporate policies for wireless plans, equipment, usage and security. We convert paper bills to electronic media, load contracts and create an accurate, base-line inventory.

To save our customers valuable time and money, ISI and Infortel Wireless Manager:

  • Optimize plans and validates charges
  • Eliminate devices not in use and other unnecessary costs
  • Track discounts, warranties and credits for erroneous charges
  • Automate MIS feeds and accurately allocates costs
  • Provide better control of wireless usage through departmental and employee reporting
  • Deliver timely help desk support for user changes and issues

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