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We use the Business Intelligence reports in Infortel® Select to improve customer service and sales. The Ring Time, Call Time and Abandoned Call reports help us staff our agents, size our network and spot employees that might need better training.
-Tim D., Vice President – Customer Service,
National Retail Chain

With ISI’s help, I was able to select the best services from a number of carriers. Now I’m saving money on my Telecom and my Sales Team is using wireless data technology to close more business.
-Telecom Manager,
National Retailer

Connecting everyone on campus through the same network has inspired a feeling of unity and security.
-James K., President,
Midwestern College

I was very impressed with the quality of the installation of the Optivity Telephony Manager at St. Louis Community College. Our installation required configuration of four networked Meridian systems and a central Optivity switch. We purchased all of the Optivity Telephony Manager modules, which were installed and made operational by the ISI installation technician. With multiple sites and the levels of complexity, I truly expected that we would be left with some lingering problems. Upon departure, the ISI technician left us with a fully functioning system, with no issues to resolve at a later time. I considered this one of the best installations from an outside vendor that I have experienced in my telephony career.
-Telecommunications Manager,
St. Louis Community College

I am glad we undertook the project. We are very pleased with the significant savings ISI uncovered. I recommend that all healthcare facilities do something similar. ISI did all of the work and there ware little interruption to our normal course of business.
-Diane Joseph, Telecom Manager,
EMH Regional Healthcare

We have been customers of ISI for many years. Our attorneys get Infortel® Select reports showing them who has placed calls to them. This lets them follow up on any client calls they may have missed and dramatically improves our service and our billings. The support we receive from the ISI’s Technical Assistance Team is always wonderful. They are very knowledgeable.
-Frank A.
Large Midwestern Law Firm with 250 attorneys

The reporting we receive from ISI enables us to charge back the cost of phone calls to our clients which provides a valuable revenue stream for the firm. We also use the ISI reports for allocation of our telecom costs back to specific departments. I enjoy working with ISI. Their Customer Service Team is always very responsive and knowledgeable.
-Jason D.
Large Midwestern Law Firm with 250 attorneys

More than half of the savings ISI found resulted from services we no longer were using. We never would have found these things on our own.
-Robert O., CIO,
National Accounting firm

I use ISI’s Infortel® Select Call Accounting to keep me informed of all calling activity within Andrews Kurth. The Alarm feature enables me to quickly see if there is something that requires my attention. With Infortel® Select, I am alerted when anyone places a call to 911. This helps me track down the caller and ascertain the situation prior to law enforcement contacting me. In addition, I use the Alarm feature to help us control our telecom costs. I investigate any calls over $100 as well as calls that exceed 4 hours in length. I also track any repetitive, bursty calls we receive as this can be a sign that someone is trying to hack into our network. With Infortel® Select, I’m also able to monitor potential fraud and stop it before it becomes a major expense to the company.
-Jim D'Imperio, Director of Office Services,
Andrews Kurth LLP

ISI developed an IP Telephony migration plan for us. Our savings will be over $175,000 per year.
-David F., CIO,
National Cancer Treatment Provider

We saved $566,000 annually with ISI. There was minimal involvement of our staff and no disruption. We now have visibility and control over our vendors and our telecom expenses.
-Michael F., CFO,
National Hospital Management Company

ISI saved us over $100,000 annually. There was minimal involvement of our staff and no disruption. We now have visibility and control over our vendors and our telecom expenses.
-Mark C., Chief Operating Officer,
National Hospital Management Company

Recently, ISI installed OTM 1.0 at our Gold Pointe facility in Rancho Cordova, California. The installation also encompassed two other sites: Aerojet and Woodland Hills. Health Net was very pleased with the installation and implementation of the OTM product by ISI. In fact, we are currently involved in a project networking over thirty other Health Net locations throughout the United States onto the OTM platform utilizing ISI for the installations. Using Siskel and Ebert’s measure of success, I give ISI two enthusiastic thumbs up.
-Senior Telecommunications Analyst,
Health Net, Inc.

ISI has proven they are committed to quality and excellence while addressing real needs in the marketplace.
-Rich Tehrani,

Business Intelligence and Analytics enables the enterprise to adjust business processes to better meet customer expectations while maximizing profits.
-Gartner Group

Over 60% of businesses expressed concern about rapidly escalating wireless lifecycle device management.
-Aberdeen Research Group

Our savings have been significant and profound and have greatly added to the overall profitability of our facility.
-Mary L., Telecom Manager,
Lodging & Conference facility

The Alarm feature on Infortel® Select helped me find international modem-­‐to-­‐modem calls that lasted over four hours and cost our company $1200 per call. We now transmit data through Internet connections. ISI helped us save $300,000 per year on these calls.
-Nathan S., Telecom Manager,
Cell Phone manufacturer

Thanks to ISI, I was able to quickly spot modem-­‐to-­‐modem calls, find the origin and terminate them. We are now saving over $300,000 annually by sending this data through a secure internet connection instead of over the PSTN. ISI also helped me shut down employee calls to horoscope lines that were costing the company $10,000 each month. I was also able to spot fraud where employees would access our conference bridge and then dial-­‐out long distance calls from the bridge. ISI has saved our company a significant amount of money.
-Telecom Manager,
Global Cell Phone Manufacturer

I have no worries when dealing with ISI. All projects have been smooth and your competition is not even in the same ballpark.
-Thomas S., Project Manager,
Global Communications provider

ISI saved our company $2.5 Million annually on Wireless spend by optimizing our plans and eliminating Zero-­‐Use phones.
-Paul W., CIO,
Nationwide Security Systems provider

ISI handled our upgrade from OTM to Telephony Manager. We had used ISI for our original installation and training on OTM so, we were very comfortable and knew they would do a superior job, but they exceeded even our expectations on Telephony Manager. Our installation was very complex and our ISI Technician was able to install and turn up all Telephony Manager modules. The in-­‐depth training we have received from ISI has enabled our company to quickly take advantage of all of the new features available in Telephony Manager. I consider this one of the best installations from an outside vendor that I have experienced in my telephony career.
-Telecommunications Manager,
National Insurance provider

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