Seaport Enhanced (Seaport-e) is the Navy's contract vehicle for the development, acquisition, and all support of systems for the US Navy. On November 2013, ISI Telemanagement Solutions was awarded NAVSEA Contract in Zone 5.

Support-e Prime Contract Number: N00178-14-D-7342


ISI Telemanagement Solutions provides Unified Communications Solutions for:
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Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis helps organizations determine if they are over or under trunked. Utilizing Traffic Analysis reports, an organization can identify their busy hours and how many trunks were used during those busy hours. From these metrics, they can establish the correct number of trunks needed to handle the busy hours at the grade-service they determine.

  • Single tool for analysis of usage across the entire enterprise – platform agnostic, carrier agnostic
  • On demand report access – no waiting for your vendor or carrier to perform a traffic study
  • Conventional, VoIP and SIP support – Busy hour Erlang B and peak concurrent calls methodologies available
  • Gateway and CUBE based traffic metrics – H323
  • User-definable report filters facilitate modeling of new configurations for network planning

Historic Call Archive

With call reporting, organizations can take advantage of not only the ability to report on calls, but they also gain a searchable archive of historic call data. This on-demand access to call history provides a platform to satisfy a number of possible regulatory directives, including HR or litigation research.

  • Search and retrieve months of call detail available on-demand
  • Flexible reporting criteria make fast work of finding what's needed
  • Produce verification of calls made or received to fulfill HR, corporate security, customer service and legal needs

Fraud and Misuse Detection

If a company is concerned about their employees appropriate use of the telephone, including calling numbers they shouldn’t be calling, users can set customizable alarms within Infortel® Select to provide notification to managers of misuse and abuse of the company telecom system. This is particularly useful in high-traffic support areas where it is imperative that employees are communicating with customers rather than utilizing the phone system for personal use.

  • Unlimited number of user-definable alarm conditions
  • Variety of threshold and alarm criteria to eliminate “noise”:
    • Call Type
    • Dialed Number
    • Trunk Gateway or Trunk Group
    • Time of Day and Day of Week
    • Department or even Individual Person
    • Call Cost or Duration
  • Manager notification by email, text or alpha-numeric pager
  • Dynamic alarm message provides actionable content

Tandem Call Matching

Tandem Call Matching allows you to track calls that originate in one PBX, go through a network cloud, and then exit another PBX to the PSTN. This new feature also eliminates the possibility of duplicate records. Now, you will be able to show actual savings by sending calls over your Unified Communications network instead of directly through the PSTN.

Contact Center Metrics

Contact Centers are solely designed to provide customers the ability to interact with a company about its products. Unanswered calls or calls landing in voicemail, are highly problematic and reflect poorly on an organization’s ability to provide useful and meaningful customer service. Infortel® Select offers detailed metrics on answered and abandoned calls, ring-time summaries, and hourly, daily, and monthly statistics, allowing companies to truly gauge their Call Center’s effectiveness and giving them the opportunity to be proactive with their customer service approach.

  • Any user - Contact Center software not required
  • Inbound agent metrics on
    • Answered Calls
    • Abandoned Calls
    • Ring Time to Answer
    • Ring Time to Abandoned
  • Hourly stats indentify peak and problematic hours
  • Reporting by agent and workgroup
  • Customizable dashboard view for department managers
  • Obtain a list of Abandoned Cell Phone Numbers to re-contact customers

Gateway / Border Element Reporting

Collect your call data records (CDR) directly from the gateway providing more complete detail. Eliminate mismatched calls to carriers because you don’t know which carrier handled the call. Feel confident that you’re able to truly analyze traffic and network utilization.

What is Gateway CDR Collection and Reporting?

With the increased use of gateways using H.323 signaling, CDR from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) may no longer provide the granularity needed to determine which trunk facility carried a given call. Gateway CDR Collection and Reporting, Infortel Select’s newest feature, eliminates this concern by allowing you to collect, process, and report CDR directly from the gateway in addition to the CDR collected from Cisco’s CUCM.

Ensure accurate traffic analysis and expense reduction

By collecting CDR granularity at the trunk facility level, you can be certain you are maximizing your ability to analyze usage across your entire enterprise. On demand report access eliminates the need to wait for vendors or carriers to perform traffic studies and User-defined reporting filters makes modeling new network planning configurations quick and painless. Run trunk and traffic analysis reports to eliminate excess, identify unused extensions, and track usage.

Carrier bill reconciliation

Gateway CDR Collection and Reporting now supports a carrier CDR feed allowing you to quickly match carriers to the PBX CDR in order to identify discrepancies at the call detail level. Flexible reporting options help ensure results are aligned to the selected carrier, circuits, and billing cycles and helps you to identify carrier billing errors including call duration discrepancies and calls not made by your organization.

Cost allocation and tenant billing

By knowing which trunk facility carried a given call, you have the capability to allocate true usage-based call costs back to responsible parties. Produce telecom bills for tenants, contractors, vendors, or guests using your phone system. Gateway CDR Collection and Reporting is available for both Infortel Select deployment methods (Onsite and CDRMS).

Quality of Service

At ISI Telemanagement Solutions we strive to maintain product excellence by focusing on planning, control, assurance and continuous improvement. ISI’s Quality Management Systems is embraced by each member of our team, helping to ensure the best possible products. Our multi-faceted approach to Quality Assurance (QA) includes

  • ISI's Quality Assurance test processes and procedures comply with SSAE 16, HIPAA .
  • QA personnel are full time ISI employees, who follow who work closely with our Engineering, Customer Service and Product Development teams to deliver the best possible products
  • QA is conducted during every phase of the product life cycle including new development, problem resolution, service releases and software version releases.
  • Comprehensive incident database used to manage projects from start to finish. Features include version control, searchable detailed history and automated email notification of project status changes.
  • IVT certifications with Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft, conducted by accredited third party or manufacturer personnel provide independent testing of our product features with focus on new features

Points of Contact

To learn more about the Seaport e contract, please contact one of the following ADA Station personnel:
Chris Welch

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