Collaboration Recording, Archival and Compliance

Confidently navigate increased regulatory scrutiny, evolving technology, and ever-increasing compliance threats by simplifying compliance complexity, modernizing operations and oversight and automating processes and assurance.

Turning Data Into Business Intelligence

Modern companies must manage communications across multiple digital channels. Our solutions make it easier for you to find data you may need to avoid compliance fines.

Enabling Compliant Communications

It’s hard for most financial organizations to remain compliant with regulations while extending communications beyond desk phones and dealerboards. Now you don’t need to give up on the benefits of using mobile, unified communications solutions and messaging apps.

Reducing Compliance Costs

Regulations require you to capture, monitor and analyze a greater variety of interaction data while performing ongoing surveillance. Our solution allows you stay compliant without exponentially increasing time, staff and budget allocation.

Preventing Compliance Issues Proactively

Many institutions are subject to complex regulations that impact their communications environment. By proactively verifying adherence to policy rules and controlling information exchange, you can mitigate the risk of misconduct, unwanted disclosures, and faulty operations across your organization.

Building Holistic Oversight

As an organization evolves, the risk of siloed operation also rises. Each department uses its own system and communications infrastructure, which – without proper oversight and supervision – can make regulatory compliance efforts even more challenging.

Meeting Complex Regulations

Trading regulations have been long governing the financial markets. But more stringent legislation around the world - to address insider trading, market abuse, money laundering, data breaches, and management accountability - have tightened the rules and increased their scope. Our solution will help you keep on top of your needs and rest easy.