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20 Years of HIPAA: Are We There Yet?

It was in 1996 that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed by Congress to become law. Long since its passing, covered entities such as healthcare providers, plans, and data warehouses, etc. are still in the midst of trying to achieve full compliance. Fines and complaints continue to mount so why is full HIPAA compliance so elusive even 20 years later? Moreover, how can Unified Communications (UC) help?


Mobility can upset the ideal HIPAA environment. Our mobile devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets can cause breaches through carelessness such as loss and more sinister interactions of theft. Leaving mobile devices around unencrypted and containing protected health information (PHI) makes HIPAA violations possible and are the primary cause of breach.


Without knowing it, use of social media apps in the healthcare environment can be an easy set up for a HIPAA violation. Photographs and videos taken in or outside of a hospital that end up on Snapchat, Facebook, or even Pokémon Go, for instance, can expose and identify the PHI of a patient. Take the time to develop a social media policy for compliance.


Covered Entities need to vigorously review their HIPAA compliance measures to assess risks. Routine risk analysis is crucial (and a HIPAA compliance mandate) to evaluate new technologies brought into the healthcare setting and realize any vulnerabilities in network systems and workflows. Regular and automatic security upgrades to network devices are necessary to maintain compliance as well. Verify the safeguards are in place and demonstrate their ability to reduce risks.


Mandatory training in HIPAA compliance is an ongoing measure entities must undertake. Remember to keep your team up to date on how to maintain compliance during onboarding and plan regular reviews.

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The Hybrid Solution – What Can It Do For You

Unless your business is a new startup, your technology is more than likely based on the something old, something new, and maybe even something borrowed philosophy. Phones that came on premises years ago are sitting quietly on their desks as mobile phone usage rises, taking their place. The investment in all that infrastructure is hard to let go, even if the majority of the workplace is not inclined to use what remains. Some workers even opt to bring in their own tablet or laptop because it’s newer and more modern than the one provided for them by the company. Replacing legacy equipment for more advanced tech is a risky and costly choice and one many company’s dread when the time comes.

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From Patient to Consumer – Why Healthcare Needs Unified Communications

The healthcare industry is becoming more complicated to navigate, and the new healthcare patient is now a healthcare “customer” with a new set of expectations. This customer is more engaged, informed and involved, with different preferences and beliefs about how healthcare should work for them. With out-of-pocket expenses 38% higher now, according to Deloitte, customers are compelled to shop for their services.

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Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Signals Change in the UC Market

Gartner released its report, “Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications”, recognized as one of the most relevant industry reports on the marketplace. Amid this report are their assessments of the biggest movers in Unified Communications (UC) for enterprises and how they come to their conclusions. The report also indicates general capabilities and areas of focus for the players that make it into the Magic Quadrant (MQ).

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Collaboration, Networking & Consumption – What does it take to Power the Olympic Games?

Both Cisco and Microsoft have a significant stake in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Cisco has laid claim to the idea that their technology is integral to Games’ infrastructure. To connect the athletes, the fans in the stadiums, and the billions of people watching at home, Cisco touts that they have been educating, manufacturing, and setting up advanced communication connections all over Brazil for years now.

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