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ISI Announces UCCX Real-Time Stats Dashboard!


ISI recently revealed significant updates to the ISI dashboard. Today, we are proud to announce that our flagship software, Infortel Select, has new Contact Center capabilities that include Real-Time Stats for UCCX reporting.

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Can UC Adapt to Projected Workplace Behavior Changes in the Future?

The changing attitudes towards office technology of the next generation’s workforce can be derived from their access to technology since birth. Having been born with a silver Motorola in their hands is their legacy. Why would they ever pick up a desk phone? Is your office ready for the new tech generation? If you haven’t considered if your office is modern enough for the next crop of young professionals, you should.

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Cisco Collaboration Technical VT

ISI is a gold sponsor of the Cisco Collaboration Technical VT in San Jose, CA on May 16-19, 2016. On the agenda for this exclusive event is four days of Cisco-expert-led technical presentations surrounding the Cisco Collaboration Cloud and Cisco’s Collaboration Systems Releases (CSRs). Cisco Collaboration Technical VT is a training event focused on enhancing CSRs to support collaboration on any device, improving the user experience, and bringing together on-premises and cloud solutions that are responsive to customers’ needs, and increase productivity through a more connected workplace.

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A major problem with the healthcare system today is fragmentation. From a lack of integration among systems to well-intentioned initiatives that misalign with other purposeful measures, fragmentation is hurting healthcare. From the local to federal level, innovative programs are not scaled up or out successfully, and the industry misses out on what could bring value to the market. Inefficient resource allocation has led to waste and an annual spend approaching nearly $10K per person in the US alone. Doesn’t sound like an issue to you? For the best healthcare system in the world, that might be okay. However, the US ranks last among 10 other industrialized nations (that spend less) according to the Commonwealth Fund’s 2014 report. This issue of fragmentation in healthcare is one of many, and it’s one that unified communications (UC) can feature prominently in fixing.

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Why Your Healthcare group needs Mobile Device Management (MDM)

As in all businesses, in healthcare, mobility is on the rise. With the advent of telemedicine and the usefulness that mobile devices bring to the workplace it’s no wonder. Wireless networks along with mobile devices can be beneficial in the healthcare setting but require controls to successfully manage and maintain the privacy and security demanded by federal regulations.

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