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Webinar: Monitor and Manage Your Remote Branches to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Profitability

With the many changes to the Financial Services market, Financial Services companies must approach customer satisfaction with a new outlook. We are excited to announce our latest webinar for Financial Services organizations, "Monitor & Manage Your Remote Branches to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Profitability." ISI's VP of Vertical UC Solutions, Mark D. McNeill, along with our guest speaker and ISI's VP of Product Development, Dan Mueller, will host this event.

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The Evil Truth of Technology Adoption

Technology adoption is an ongoing cycle of education, attitude, and abilities. Unfortunately, humans can be creatures of habit. A lot of us like having the habit down to a science. No thinking involved, just on autopilot, able to navigate quickly and efficiently to get the job done.

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Healthcare Providers: Your Key Contact Centers are Critical to Driving Patient Satisfaction Levels

Are you a Healthcare provider looking to improve your patient satisfaction levels? Have you looked into your contact centers? How are you managing those critical patient interactions?

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Abandoned Calls Don’t Necessarily Mean Lost Business

Investment Services and Banking have become very competitive industries with numerous providers all vying for the same investor’s funds. As a provider, your company might spend millions of dollars on marketing and advertising just to convince new clients to invest with you. What if one of those potential new clients does call you and gets put into a queue in your contact center? They wait for about a minute and then decide to hang up. Maybe they will call you back. Maybe they will try to contact one of your competitors! Is that something you want to risk?

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How Call Reporting Helps to Optimize Post-Surgical Patient Contacts

In an attempt to provide more timely access to hospital resources and to reduce expenses, most healthcare providers have moved as many surgical procedures as possible to an outpatient basis. Although this is great for efficiency and insurance companies love the lower costs, healthcare providers run the risk of patients not adequately following physician/surgeon care instructions and follow ups. If patients don’t adhere to instructions, they could develop potentially severe post-surgical complications, requiring readmittance.

Why is this important?

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