Workforce Management is one area that every contact center can improve upon. One of the biggest ways to leverage a solution, such as InfortelĀ® Workforce Management, is to utilize the real-time management features. Because contact centers provide a diverse and dynamic work environment, it is imperative to stay on top of all activity, at all times.

One benefit of real-time management is the ability to track and report on performance. This allows for intraday adjustments to be made in order to meet targets and ensure efficiency.

Beyond that, Infortel Workforce Management offers a real-time graphical interface. With this interface, managers can adjust breaks and lunch schedules. Coupling this with the ability to report and adjust workforce requirements greatly increases the overall functionality of the contact center.

Another feature of real-time management is the ability to compare agents scheduled against required agents. For instances where one may need to meet service targets, the user can generate a display that automatically compares what staff is on hand against what is needed to operate at an ideal efficiency.

Data can be switched to display based on speed of answer, service level, and occupancy compared to targets. In the end, users gain a management tool that evolves with all the unexpected hiccups of a typical day. Since the software is available as a web based solution, users can manage reports and scheduling in real-time from anywhere with Internet connectivity.

Has your contact center adopted a solution for Workforce Management yet?