The mobile service provider Verizon recently announced the end of contracts for their customers. In a move akin to T-Mobile, the carrier is eliminating contracts and taking with it phone subsidies; thereby causing the price of their mobile phones to increase substantially.

In the past you may have paid $199 for an iPhone 6 by signing a two-year contract, now you can expect to pay the full price of the phone—about $649 dollars. So although there appears to be savings on the surface, there may not be for several reasons.

Here are a few implications of what this policy change could mean for corporate accounts:

With this changing tide—other large carriers like Sprint and AT&T may continue the trend—whether or not companies adjust sail, or decide it is time to jump ship, with regards to cell phone expense subsidies, the BYOD crowd must take notice. In the end, someone is going to have to foot the bill; it’s just a question of whom.

Have you or your company been affected by these carrier policy changes? What have you had to do differently, if so? Let us know by leaving a comment.