Embracing Mobility: From Humble Beginnings

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The idea of mobile business has really taken off. But it isn't a new concept. This technical boom was first initiated in the 90s, and forever changed the way we do business. Nowadays, it is rare to go a day without seeing someone conduct business from their phone.

When the internet first became popular for use in offices, it generated a lot of concern over employee use and productivity. In the same regard, as cell phones grew in popularity, their use near the businesses drew immediate disapproval. Tablets, portable media players, Smartphones, social media apps—they all were met with hesitation and a strong concern that work would simply not get done. But are these concerns warranted? 

These days, mobile devices have proven to be valuable tools. Many companies are searching for fresh, intuitive ways to incorporate these devices, while still maintaining control over wireless expenses. In conjunction with that, employers must also keep track of the devices they support, and ensure they are properly maintained.

Ideas such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and continuous optimization of voice and data plans are trends companies are exploring and implementing into their business models. And as wireless communications continue to develop, many companies are looking into Wireless Expense Management systems.

As we approach a work environment that is reliant upon mobile devices, companies are discovering they must adapt to this wireless world. The message is being proclaimed loud and clear: evolve or else. How has your business handled the increased mobility boom?
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