Embracing Mobility: Controlling Wireless Spend

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But there is hope. As companies continue to move deeper into the implementation of digital devices, they are starting to utilize Wireless Expense Management systems to improve control over wireless expenditure. ISI’s Enhanced Wireless Service, for example, provides organizations with a means to manage the devices their employees use, and helps optimize rate plans according to situations. Based on three-month averages, Infortel Wireless Manager flags abnormalities to provide management a means to make adjustments.

If a cell phone is no longer being used, ISI will work with carriers to dispose or deactivate the contract. If a device is missing discounts, Enhanced Wireless Service will identify and flag it. Unified reporting across carriers produces one easy-to-work-with invoice. Inventory can be documented and tracked by user.

Voice, text, and data plans can be optimized to eliminate overages and provide ideal rates based on an employee’s job function. Companies can also add a Help Desk package which eliminates the need for their IT departments to dedicate countless hours managing employee devices. Help Desk representatives assist users with handling upgrades, adding/removing data plans and voice/text services, and helps manage the daily, weekly, and monthly mobile optimization fluctuations for organizations, allowing staffs to focus more on their primary duties. Ultimately, organizations will have the ability to manage the mobile costs associated with their employees' devices, and gain control over wireless spending.

Properly managed, the Centralized control of wireless expenditure provides enormous benefits. Organizations can manage and control critical contact numbers, avoiding the potential embarrassment of a customer or key business contact reaching a former employee who took his cell-number with him when he left. Wireless directories can be developed to publish employee wireless numbers in corporate directories to deliver full access to employee contact information.

Companies can tailor rate plans to individual employee’s consumption patterns and reduce expense management costs, which could initiate massive cost reductions based on an employee’s need for mobility. Wireless reporting metrics produce a visibility of expenses, giving managers an opportunity to clearly understand the financial impact of wireless costs to their business operations.

Most importantly, it saves companies time from having to manage their wireless spend by hand, allowing employees to focus on more ideal projects, and making everyone more productive. In a fast-moving, information age, it’s only fair that companies have the necessary tools to analyze the internal information surrounding their wireless spend. Deploying a wireless management system provides these tools and helps companies keep their wireless spend grounded and in control.

Controlling your wireless spend is critical. When is the last time you evaluated your wireless spend, and what did you do about it? Share your solutions with us here or on Facebook.
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