For many companies, there is not much visibility into mobile contracts. Sure, they have physical access to the paper invoices and contracts, but without a strategy, these contracts can lead to a variety of costly inefficiencies and liabilities.

With mobile devices already an integral part of corporate life, many organizations struggle to incorporate a strategy for properly managing these devices. This lack of structured management also applies to mobile plans and warranties. And, without proper attention, they can get out of hand quickly.

Because of this, many mobile bills are overcharged. At the same time, many mobile devices that are being billed for aren’t even in use. These underutilized devices can easily be eliminated to cut unnecessary costs.

By automating this process, you truly optimize your corporate contracts by allowing for the automatic validation of carrier charges. On top of this, you gain the ability to track discounts, warranties, and credits due for erroneous charges.

An improper approach to mobile management can really drive one crazy. Instead, take a proactive approach to automate every aspect of your mobile world.

Do you have a mobile management strategy in place? Share with us what works for you, and what doesn’t.

In the meantime, download our case study to find out how we worked with one customer to create an off-site, wireless help desk that helped handle all their mobile management needs.