Telecom Audit: Can’t I Do it on My Own?

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When it comes to telecom spend, most companies are being billed incorrectly. Too many times, these companies don’t properly evaluate their bills, and this overcharging goes on for months. It is almost as if the company wishes to remedy their telecom errors by ignoring their existence.

Conducting an audit of telecom spend in order to optimize profits and efficiency, while curbing expenditures, will provide a blueprint for reducing costs. But is this something a company can just do on their own?

The process for tracking down billing errors is long and tedious. This isn’t to say that a company can’t optimize their telecom bills by performing an audit on their own. It is entirely in the realm of possibility for a business to uncover billing issues and work with the vendor to address the problem.

If you have the time, money, manpower, resources, and knowledge, then by all means. But, if you had those elements to begin with, would you really be considering a telecom audit in the first place? The process of tracking down overbilled items, line by line, can be more than mind-numbing.

For this process to work best, you need to have a streamlined approach that addresses both your company’s resources, as well as the need to properly optimize your telecom bills. In the end, it is probably in the best interest of your company to search out external help.

Can this be done on your own? Yes. But it will cost a lot more in the long run.
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