How Does the Telecom Calculator Impact a Telecom Audit?

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How sure are you that your telecom invoices are being accurately charged? Can you say 100%? Or even 75%? If you have even the slightest doubt as to the accuracy of your telecom bills, then you should consider a telecom audit. And the best place to start is with ISI’s brand new Telecom Savings Calculator.

Chances are strong that you are overpaying on your telecom bills. With close to 80% of all telecom invoices containing errors, it makes sense to be proactive in order to rectify the problem. Do you know where your invoices stand?

While the process for identifying errors is complex, calculating your potential savings is simple. ISI’s Telecom Savings Calculator takes the numbers you input and matches them against data provided from past audits. We average potential savings against common overcharges and offer a glimpse into projected reductions.

The calculator only offers calculations, estimates, and possibilities. A guarantee only comes into play when you conduct your first telecom audit. A company can expect ISI to find up to 35% in saving recommendations from their annual telecom spend.

Whether you decide to implement these recommendations or not is totally up to you. In the mean time, check out our calculator to get an estimate of how much you can be saving each month.

If you like saving money, then it is totally worth your while.
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